Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Hiatus, or Wearing the Capes


Hey, Y'all

As I'm sure you've noticed, things have been rather, um, quiet around Hot MAMA Land. Don't worry, the flames of our passion for bringing you great books have NOT been doused!

So, where have we been, you ask?

We've all been wearing the capes.

You know, the capes women have to wear to take care of everybody and every thing? Yeah, those capes. Here are some examples.

Altonya, Loretta, and I have been wearing the "Awesome Mom Cape"- our young kids who are now out of school and need supervision, entertainment, etc.

Loretta, Denise, and Bridget have been wearing the "Awesome Other Half" cape while taking care of their loves during various illnesses or injuries. (No worries, our heroes are all doing well.)

We've all been taking time away for various issues, or just to decompress and spend time with family and friends. We are all still writing, and we will be back. 

So, check us out when we return from our little break on July 9, 2013.

Thanks for being our most awesome, patient readers.

What are you doing this summer? We'd love to hear about it. Tell us about it in the comment box for a chance to win a free eBook from one of the MAMA's!

Until Next Time,