Thursday, August 21, 2014

An interview with author Deatri King-Bey!

I have the awesome opportunity to interview author Deatri Key-Bey! If you don't know her, you're about to get to know her. Her release, For Keeps, is coming out Labor Day weekend.

1. How long have you been writing? When did you get published? What drew you to writing?

I was first published in 2006 and have always been a story teller. Growing up, we would make up elaborate stories to keep each other entertained and people often said I should become an author. I have also always been an avid reader. Sooo, I came upon a bad patch of books. It was pretty sad. One day I was in the bookstore with my sister and I complained about the lack of good books lately. She basically told me to stop complaining and write books I wanted to read if I thought I could do better. Two months later, I’d penned my first book.

2. Who are your favorite authors to read and why?

Beverly Jenkins. I love historical fiction and she’s so good at it. She doesn’t sugar coat our history, which is quite painful, but her writing isn’t depressing. It’s uplifting and exciting. I just love it. Sharon Shinn. She has created this world of “Archangels.” The world she built is fascinating with it’s politics, love and loss. J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts). I’m so amazed anyone can write a series (In Death) so long and it still be good. I’m in awe. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few that aren’t the best, but overall it’s a great series. I could keep going and going. I read a LOT.

3. How many books have you written and what are they?

How about we only count the ones that have been released (SMILE). The ones marked “Free Read” aren’t actually books, but short stories.

Deatri’s Romance
Beauty and the Beast
Broken Promises (Interracial)
Christmas Angel (Second Chances)
Diamond in the Rough (Interracial)
Ebony Angel (Interracial)
For Keeps
If You Only Knew (Second Chances)
Love’s Desire (Free Read)
Journey’s End (Interracial)
Santa’s Helper (Write Brothers Series Book II)
Silk Scarves and Apples (Second Chances)
Tease (Write Brothers Series Book IV)
Tell Her How You Feel (Write Brothers Series Book I)
The Drama The Street and the Seduction (Free Read)
The Impossible Possible (Interracial)
The Only Option
The Other Realm
Third Time’s A Charm (Write Brothers Series Book III)
Trapped In Paradise (Free Read)
Whisper Something Sweet

Women’s Fiction
Caught Up
Jodie’s Choice
Operation White Rose
Picture Perfect
Suspense (as L. L. Reaper)
Black Widow and the Sandman
Birth of the Black Widow (Free Read)
The Sandman Cometh (Free Read)
Hell Hath No Fury

Become A Successful Author

4. What's your latest release and what is it about?

In my new romantic suspense, For Keeps, Gina Guy’s daughter witnessed a murder. Now the murderer is after the little girl. Child Protective Services is manipulated into the picture, and Jarvis Martin, a manager within the agency, steps in to protect the Guys’ rights. From the moment Gina meets Jarvis, she feels she can depend on him, but life has proven to her that the only person she can count on is Gina. Will they be able to stop the murderer? Can Jarvis earn her trust and love?

5. What genres have you written in? Why do you like those genres?

I am published in Romance, Women’s Fiction and Suspense. I also write historical fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and science fiction, but haven’t been published in those genres yet. I read across genres and my writing reflects that.

6. Are there any genres you haven't tackled yet that you would like to? If so, what are they?

I love writing in other genres. Historical fiction is the hardest for me. I need a lot more practice at it and to continue researching. I’m learning so much. It’s fun.

7. What was the hardest thing to write about in For Keeps?

The backdrop in For Keeps is Child Protective Services coming in and taking a child out of a home wrongfully. This type of thing happens all the time (sad but true). BUT there are also good case managers in the organization who protect children who desperately need protecting. Keeping the balance was the most difficult.

8. Do you write under any other name? If so, what is it? What style of writing do you do under that name?

I write dangerously sexy suspense as L. L. Reaper with a writing partner, Curtis Alcutt. We are currently writing book three of the Black Widow and the Sandman series.

9. What else do you have coming in 2014 or what do you have planned for 2015?

There were numerous secondary characters introduced in my Write Brothers Series that readers have been asking about. So I’ve started writing their stories. I also have a Second Chances line that features heroines 40 years and older that I’m working on.

10. Now for something silly. Favorite cartoon as a kid.

Scooby Doo. I even have a dog named after him.

Please post all links where readers can find you.

Thank you for having me on today and allowing me to share a little about my self and For Keeps. Readers can Pre-order For Keeps in Kindle format from Amazon (Release date 28 Aug. Kindle, Nook, epub (via Barnes & Noble), Print). While you wait, enjoy CHAPTER ONE.

Happy Reading Everyone!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Cover Reveal: Rumor Has It Coming in May

She’s got something to talk about…



Liza Palmer couldn’t be happier when her best friend and sorority sister, Chante Britt, and her closest guy friend, Robert Montgomery, hit it off. And she’s beyond thrilled when they announce their engagement. Robert is an up-and-comer running for the North Carolina senate. Chante is a partner at a prestigious law firm. They’re a power couple made in heaven—until Liza discovers Robert in a compromising position—with another woman…

Liza can’t possibly continue to support Robert’s campaign, much less let him marry Chante. But when she tries to reveal the truth, Robert pulls out every corrupt trick in the book—including turning Chante against her. Her only choice is to seek out his opponent, Jackson Franklin, and help him take Robert down. But to Liza’s great surprise, Jackson won’t play dirty—and Liza finds him irresistible. As sparks fly, personally and politically, Liza and Jackson may become a winning team in more ways than one…

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Supporting the Dream.

Believe me, this is not the topic I intended to blog about. I have a very uplifting, inspiration blog title "Reaching Your Full Potential" with video and everything. See I'm into reinventing myself mode and wanted to begin with overcoming my "shyness with the public." So I am doing a series of self-help video's and thought I would share them with you. of the last few days hit my spirit and I had to speak out. If the ladies of HOT MAMA's do not put me out the group after this blog, I'll post it next time. 

In 2011 I wrote a blog titled African-Americas supporting African-American authors. I feel the need to bring this topic to the forefront again.This touch my heart in many ways for I believe we have the power to do anything we want to do. Even prove to the powers to be, who finance and produce our entertainment, to take our community seriously. We have authors, with a HUGE RANGE  of material, from romance, Sci-fy, paranormal, erotic, suspense, mysteries, thrillers and all points in between. Yet, whenever we see a book turned into a film, such as 50 Shades of Grey and The Help, we as African-Americans gripe, because it's not one of our books. We use a lot of energy asking, why? Why? Why? The answer is simple. The books in question have the numbers. It's about the PRESIDENTS, guys. If they see the number of book sales for our books as they do for the books mentioned above they would finance movie deals for us too. I just looked at Kickstarter, a program to assist with funding of movies or television shows. A movie titled Reap What You Sow, is listed. A little over $200 has been pledged towards the  goal of $3,000. Now, I can tell you from experience, that the amount they are seeking is nothing compared to what it takes to complete a production. However, there are less than 10 contributors. What was written a few years ago still holds true. We have the power to support each other and make a difference, but for some reason, unknown to me, we don't. I don't understand. I really do not understand. 

Written in 2011 still true in 2014
Today I want to talk about African-Americans supporting African-American authors. The movie The Help will be released soon. A lot of us got a little up in arms because this book by a Caucasian author about African-Americans was picked up for a movie. The book sold millions because it was supported, not just by Caucasian readers, but by a lot of us too. Here’s the thing, African-American authors produce wonderful stories that we know should be told on the big screen. But putting a book to film cost $. The film industry is no different from any other business. The bottom line is ‘the bottom line’. If you can’t show numbers in the book stores (online included) then how do you expect to show numbers in the movie theater? Its simple economics—demand and supply. James Patterson or Nora Roberts will have a book release and thousands will purchase that book. There is a demand; therefore, the supply is met.

If we want to see more our favorite African-American author placed on a demand list we truly need to step up our game. Many of us will go into a book store to purchase that James Patterson or Nora Roberts novel, but will borrow the African-American author from a friend. If you enjoyed that novel, why not purchased the next release by that author? Let’s face it, we don’t’ support each other the way other communities do. Yet, we complain when we see others succeed at what we fail to do. If you want to see your favorite African American author’s story about African Americans on the big screen, support them in the bookstores. Let the money people in HOLLYWOOD or wherever know what your demand is…Let’s stop complaining about who got what. Turn that negative energy into a win-win for you and the authors you love. SUPPY AND DEMAND people! I’m just saying.

To Keep Eboni from shooting me, here's a sneak peek into the HOT MAMA Luncheon in Raleigh/Durham, NC on Saturday September 13, 2014 

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Sharing Ideas

Readers always ask where I get ideas for my stories. That’s easy. Everyday life! It’s funny how things
we do as part of a normal routine generates story ideas. Walking down the street. People I meet. Things I hear and see. All of those things trigger ideas for my books. I even have a bad habit of people watching and eavesdropping. You’d be surprised at the things I’ve overheard and seen. But lately I've been forced to step outside my comfort zone to do something spontaneous and different, write stories my readers requested.
The biggest suggestions I hear is for more stories about regular, everyday folks with blue collar jobs. After all… they need love too! And the second, to create more stories in my favorite location, Sheraton Beach, DE, an oceanfront town in Delaware only minutes from Rehoboth Beach and the home of the Beaumont family. Since then I have written several spinoff stories where readers can revisit the town again and again. And as requested, this will be the location of my newest release, Time for Pleasure.
The idea for this novella was quite interesting. I bought a refrigerator and the deliveryman sounded so sexy on the phone I shared my peaked curiosity with my facebook family. Friends and Readers asked for details… and a story was born.
Life has truly been an open book. I can't wait to see how the next chapter unfolds.