Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm involved in a Scandal!

That's right, folks. I'm involved in a Scandal. It's of epic proportions. It's unbelievable. And I'm involved with 8 other people. Before you all start Googling me and finding out what's going on, I'll tell you. Several months ago, 8 authors and I decided to put together our own $0.99 box set. This box set would be different than any of the box sets out there because every story would contain an interracial romance.

So imagine my surprise to find out that I would be in this box set with fellow Hot M.A.M.A. Yvette Hines as well as Aliyah Burke, Sienna Mynx, Tiana Laveen, Pepper Pace, Latrivia Nelson, Erosa Knowles, and Serenity King. I know! Impressive, right?

My contribution to this collection is a contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romance called Last Call. The story is about lost love done right...and rough. Keys "Tank" Tanksley and Eminence Dutton run into each other after a bad breakup back in high school. Tank is now a BDSM Dom and trying to expand his business. Eminence is unsure about taking a crucial step at her job. When they get together, none of that matters.

What I love about the Scandalous Heroes collection is that all of the stories are different. Readers can find a story (or stories) that they love. I just hope mine is one of them.

Readers interested in getting this box set can get it from Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.

For those who have purchased the box set and posted a review, thank you so much! You all rock!

Stay sexy,


Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Hi Everyone, I’m using my space in today’s HOT M.A.M.A.s Blog to chime in about my progress on the upcoming Ramsey Tesano installment. As usual, the more impatient among you (love you guys) are sweetly requesting the novellas that I’ve been known for putting out prior to the release of the full novels. I wish I could meet those requests with this story, because it is shaping up to be a lengthy tale.

Unlike A Lover’s Debt which allowed for an enjoyable novella in Lover’s Christmas, such won’t be possible with A Lover’s Control. I think you guys will understand that when the book releases. The story is so involved; each scene so interwoven with the plot, that nothing can really be extracted as a stand-alone for a separate book. I think once the story is in hand, you guys will be pleased. I would be very surprised to hear from one of you speed readers telling me that you completed the book in a few hours. The story is a heavy read- understandable as it is proving to be a very heavy writing project. As always however, it is a fun experience and I am continually stunned by where these characters take me.

I have not yet announced a specific release date for the story, but I am working toward a Thanksgiving release point. My plan is to make A Lover’s Return ready for a spring of 2015 release. ‘Return’ weaves very tightly into ‘Control’ which makes it necessary to flesh out the last two books promptly without letting too much time lapse. So for those of you who just have to have that sneek peak, you can expect it following the upcoming HOT M.A.M.A.s Event on September 13, 2014. I’ll be sharing the premiere reading with the guests in attendance, so get your tickets while you can and secure your spot in the audience.

Hope To See You Soon!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh, How Sweet The Sound!

Do you hear the voices inside your head as you read a novel, short story or a novella?
Are the characters vivid in your mind…make you feel some kind of way?
Do they stand out?
From the way the characters are painted in situations, to the settings in the plot that may be unfolding in three ways but you didn’t see it coming?
A backstory in the making with a secondary character that inadvertently blossomed due to a specific measure taken…
If you read enough stories by a particular author, their writing style and “voice” should come to life in your mind. Sometimes it takes more than two books to “hear” it, yet, the more they write, the stronger it becomes.
That’s called growth and experience, Beautiful Ones.
Avid readers can decipher the tone of a well-written story by their favorite authors quicker than most. If the author flexes genres (Romance, Historical, Mystery, etc.) do they hold the same standards of injecting a strong voice into their respective branches?

Start a conversation with a co-worker or friend about these "voices" and see what you learn fro one another. It could be the discovery of a great book to read.
Until next time, keep reading and keep sharing!
Loretta R. Walls

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cool off with Christmas in July- Hot MAMA Style

Hey, y'all,

I don't know what the weather is currently like in your neck of the woods, but down where the Mama's dwell, temperatures have climbed up into the stratosphere. As the mercury creeps toward 100 degrees, we all start looking for creative ways to stay cool- cranking the AC, putting up those room darkening shades to block the hot sunlight, and splashing around in the nearest pool. These are all effective methods, but they all require you to get up. :)

If you're comfy already, I'd like to submit another idea for keeping cool- enjoying a holiday themed book. Yes, I know, Christmas is still more than 4 months away. But if previous years have been any indication, it's likely to sneak up on you. You know that feling of panic that sets in during the month of December, as you rush around to get your shopping done, make meal plans, and show your family and friends a good time? It can totally put a damper on your reading enjoyment, and that's if you get a moment to read at all.

That's why I advocate that you enjoy some holiday titles now, while you have the time and presence of mind. Besides, with it being so hot outside, you'll really enjoy the images of cool crisp air, snowy evenings, and romantic interludes under the mistletoe that these books can evoke in your mind. Luckily, a few of us Mama's have written some holiday titles you might like to try out. Because I love you and want you to be happy, I've listed the titles and links below. Getchu some of this holiday goodness, y'all!

Seducing Sheri: A Climax Creek Erotic Short, by Kianna Alexander

A Delight Before Christmas, by Angie Daniels

Naughty Before Christmas, by Angie Daniels

A Beau for Christmas, by Angie Daniels

The One That I Want, by Cheris Hodges, Donna Hill, and Zuri Day (Pre-Order, Releasing in October)

I hope you'll add these titles to your collection, and as always, we Mamas appreciate your support.
Wanna spread the love? Feel free to share the graphic all over the Inter-Web- folks can't enjoy these books if they don't know about them.

Until Next Time,