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Hi Everyone, I’m using my space in today’s HOT M.A.M.A.s Blog to chime in about my progress on the upcoming Ramsey Tesano installment. As usual, the more impatient among you (love you guys) are sweetly requesting the novellas that I’ve been known for putting out prior to the release of the full novels. I wish I could meet those requests with this story, because it is shaping up to be a lengthy tale.

Unlike A Lover’s Debt which allowed for an enjoyable novella in Lover’s Christmas, such won’t be possible with A Lover’s Control. I think you guys will understand that when the book releases. The story is so involved; each scene so interwoven with the plot, that nothing can really be extracted as a stand-alone for a separate book. I think once the story is in hand, you guys will be pleased. I would be very surprised to hear from one of you speed readers telling me that you completed the book in a few hours. The story is a heavy read- understandable as it is proving to be a very heavy writing project. As always however, it is a fun experience and I am continually stunned by where these characters take me.

I have not yet announced a specific release date for the story, but I am working toward a Thanksgiving release point. My plan is to make A Lover’s Return ready for a spring of 2015 release. ‘Return’ weaves very tightly into ‘Control’ which makes it necessary to flesh out the last two books promptly without letting too much time lapse. So for those of you who just have to have that sneek peak, you can expect it following the upcoming HOT M.A.M.A.s Event on September 13, 2014. I’ll be sharing the premiere reading with the guests in attendance, so get your tickets while you can and secure your spot in the audience.

Hope To See You Soon!

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