Friday, March 11, 2016

Exciting News from Secret Squirrel Reporting for Duty

So far 2016 has been a whole bunch of craziness for me, both good and bad. There were health issues that had me clutching my blankie and crying for my momma, more doctors visits than I care to recount and an upcoming surgery. Yet, despite all of the drama, there have been a few exciting things happening.

When 2015 ended I was hard at work putting together my first indie series, Playing with Bad Boys. The series was plotted. The first book and a prequel novella, Playing by the Rules, were written. All I needed to do was format the prequel to the series for release as a free read to my VIP Readers first before it went on sale to the public. However, in the midst of that process, I received an unexpected email from Harlequin.

Back in the summer of 2015, I'd proposed my Playing with Bad Boys series to Harlequin's Kimani Romance, with which several of my fellow Hot M.A.M.A.s are already published. I nudged them a few months later, with no response. I moved on with plans to indie publish the series. So I was pleasantly surprised (okay, completely shocked) when I received a request for the full manuscript of Book #1 in the series.

A few weeks later I received the call and was offered what is now a 4-book and holiday novella deal. A week ago I inked the contract and sent it on its merry way. In the last two days the new title of the series, which I shared with my VIP Readers earlier today, and the title of each book have been determined. Expect the first book in the series to make its way onto bookshelves in March of 2017.

I'm thrilled to join the long list of fabulous past and present Kimani Romance authors, like Kianna Alexander, Cheris Hodges, Altonya Washington, Jamie Pope, Farrah Rochon, Sharon C. Cooper, Nana Malone and Brenda Jackson.

And what about the prequel to the series? I'm glad to announce that I'll still be able to share it with my VIP Readers as a free read. However, you'll have to wait a little longer. Though the book is already completed, the edits to Book 1 may prompt a few changes in the prequel's story line. So expect the prequel to be released to my VIP Readers in December of this year and on sale to the public on February 3, 2017.

No more secret squirrel. I'm back in action, baby.

Happy Reading!