Thursday, February 20, 2014

You've lost that loving feeling

My birthday is right around the corner and I'm not excited. Thankful, yes. But I can't get excited and throw myself a party. 

It's because this is so not where I thought I'd be at 21. Ok, thirty something. Actually, damned near 40. I used to love my birthday. March meant spring time and flowers. Now, it's just another day. I like other people's birthdays. Then you can eat one piece of cake. On your birthday, you're left with a whole cake. Who needs those calories? 

Sometimes, writers get in their feelings and that's where I am today. Hello melancholy. Lately, some really good people have been mistreated and that sucks. At the same time some really good people have seen their dreams come true. I'm looking at you, Iris Bolling! The Heart TV series is awesome!

Today is a blah day for me. I can do two things about it, drink more coffee or take it out on my characters. Hmmm. I think I will do both! 

That's the fun part about being a writer. You can get out of your feelings and write something amazing. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Joneses Blog Tour:Featuring Shelia Goss, Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Hey, Y'all!

Not used to getting a new post on a Wednesday? I know. But today the MAMA's are happy to host multi-published author Shelia Goss, and her newest release- The Joneses.

Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t all it’s made out to be. In this intriguing novel full of drama and plot twists, one family tries to hold on to their “perfect” life before their secrets, lies, and scandals are exposed.

On the outside, the Joneses seem like the ideal family: Royce Jones, a funeral home mogul, and his wife, Lexi, are parents to Charity, Hope, and Lovie—and everybody wants to be them. But it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, and the Joneses are harboring secrets that can’t stay hidden forever…It’s only a matter of time before the Joneses’ perfect life goes spinning out of control. 


Avoiding Lexi hadn't been easy, and it seemed that it was all for naught. I heard her coming long before she made it to my office. I looked up toward the door awaiting her entrance.

Lexi stormed in my office enraged. "Royce, you can run, but you can't hide. You caused this problem and you're going to fix it. Now tell me how you plan on doing it, so I can deal with other things."

Lexi plopped down in front of my desk.

"Hello to you, too, my beautiful wife."

"Save the pleasantries for your customers." Lexi held her hand in the air and then looked around. "Snap! There are no customers."

"Calm down. If there were some, you would run them off with that mouth of yours."

"Calm? How can I be calm when according to you, we're going broke?"

Order your copy of THE JONESES from:


Shelia M. Goss is a national bestselling author and a screenwriter. The Joneses is her seventeenth book in print. She writes in multiple genres. USA Today says, “Goss has an easy, flowing style with her prose…” She's received many accolades in her career, including being a finalist in the mystery category for the 2013 AA Literary Award Show and a 2012 Emma Award Finalist. Her books have been on several best sellers lists, such as: Essence Magazine, Dallas Morning News and Black Expressions Book Club. Shelia loves to hear from readers so feel free to contact her via her website: or follow her on Facebook at or Twitter:


Lexi Jones, one of the main characters, from THE JONESES loves her handbags so it’s just befitting that the grand prize be a handbag.  Contest ends on February 25, 2014.

One (1) random entrant will receive a small Coach handbag {Retail value: $188.00, 10 3/4″(L) x 7″(H) x 3 1/4″(W)} and Bath & Body Works miniatures (Retail value: $19.75)

One (1) random entrant will receive an autographed copy of Montana’s Way.

Ten (10) random entrants will receive the electronic version of the book Hollywood Deception.

Open to U.S. & Canada residents only. Void where prohibited by law.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love...Exciting and New!

Hello my sexy babies,

Valentine's Day. How did I get lucky enough to be able to post today? I don't know how, but I love it! Although I know it's a trap to get people to spend money on greeting cards and gifts, but I love a day dedicated to love and romance. I don't think it's wrong to have a day to remind ourselves to love and appreciate the one (or ones) we're with. Although my honey can frustrate me at times with doing little petty things like not hanging up his coat when he comes home, he is so good to me, and I realize that every day. So what is it that makes you thankful to have your man, woman...or both?

I love the idea of love and romance so much that I write about it. Ever since I was a pre-teen, I've been drawn to a good romance, the spicier the better. I love reading about a couple overcoming some sort of odds to find each other and get together. Same goes for a good romantic comedy. Give me a good Sandra Bullock rom-com and you can stick a fork in me. I'm done.

For that reason, I'm always working on a story. Nothing makes me feel better than to fire up my laptop and revisit my "friends." That's what I've grown to think about my characters. I'm writing about these imaginary people's romantic lives. I'm detailing what would propel each of them to an orgasm. There's nothing more intimate than that.

I also love other people who love romances. Romance readers are the absolute best! So I'm thrilled when I'm able to do in-person book signing events like the one coming up tomorrow in North Carolina. Join me, Kianna Alexander, Cheris Hodges, Yvette Hines, and more for the Red Hot Reception and Book Signing Event at the Montgomery County Library located at 215 West Main Street in Troy, North Carolina. Of course I'll have my old favorites like my Corporate series and Love My Way. But I'll also have my newest Licorice Whips!

If you're in the area, I do hope you come out to join us.

Okay, time for me to go and revisit my "friends." I want you all to be able to "meet" them soon.

Stay sexy,


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Wait is Over!

  The wait is finally over and it's time for the premiere of the Heart TV Series…
   The day started off with a private screening of Episode 1 at the beautiful Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. The theatre quickly filled to capacity and became standing room only. Fans didn’t seem to mind as they waited anxiously to be the first to see the series. I was one of those people, who had yet to view the finished product.

   Then the lights dimmed and it was show time.

   First off, the acting, film editing, music scoring was amazing and I was so caught up in the story an hour wasn’t near long enough. I spent weeks working with these actors and watching the director, producers, and the film and camera crew who committed hours to making this all possible. For me, I had the opportunity to work as a production assistant on Fridays so I was there when several of the scenes were being filmed but seeing the final product was not at all what I had expected. It was better. In fact, I had tears in my eyes. I was happy for everyone, especially Iris Bolling. These books are her babies and as a writer I truly understand what it feels like to hold the final product in your hand. I can only imagine what she was feeling seeing it transpire on the screen right before her eyes.
  The women in the audience were whistling and catcalling as one gorgeous man after another stepped onto the screen. The fans of the series were cheering and excited to see some of their favorite scenes being played out before them. I wasn’t at all surprised while the credits were running, the audience started chanting for more!
   Afterwards it was time for cast and crew photographs and interviews before getting dress for the red carpet after party. The event that was held at the Holiday Inn was lights, camera, Action! Another packed house and plenty of buzz. It was mind-boggling the number of dedicated readers who had traveled from Texas, Minnesota, Chicago, Georgia, the list goes on to be a part of this historic moment. We mingled, laughed, took pictures, ate, drank, and kicked up our heels on the dance floor. And at the end of the night the cast and crew hugged and bid good-bye to each other, The Heart family. It was truly an honor and a blessing to have met and worked with such a talented group of people!  
   I crawled into bed and then spent Sunday grinning at all of the photographs posted on Facebook, and people buzzing about the event. The premiere was truly a success. And I look forward to Season Two.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

God and my predecessors

This month’s posting is another brief one, but the subject matter is rather heavy and very dear to me. Thanks for reading…

As authors we love all the accolades we receive from our readers. We love it when they marvel over the way our mind works, how many books we give them to enjoy throughout the year and all those fantastic characters that we bring to life with the flow of our sentences- the brilliance of our word usage. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the accolades I receive from my readers and I’ve been worrying that in my responses I haven’t appropriately given credit where credit is due. Although my work is basically classified as romance (and some pretty steamy romance at that) I know that any…abilities that result in the works that have garnered such approval are a direct result of the blessings I receive from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

When responding to reader emails, I don’t include that part. Whether I should or shouldn’t really isn’t the purpose of this blog post. Rather, I’m using this blog post as an opportunity to give all the honor and glory for any ‘gift’ that I may have, to Him. Quite simply, I could do NONE of this without Him.

I would be remiss in my efforts if I did not round out this posting by thanking God for those who came before me. The greats in literature- African American literature- who paved the way for so many of us. Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Phillis Wheatley and so many, many others. These giants, these bold brave souls, crafted such masterful works and saw them published in times when books by African Americans were in short supply.

So to my beloved readers, thanks so much for your emails and applause. They make this author feel so loved and oh so very motivated. Please know; that although I don’t always relay in my replies that I give all the Glory to God, I do. I wholeheartedly do. I thank him for all that He does and continues to do. I thank Him for my predecessors who He sent to help clear my path.

“God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.” 
Martin Luther