Thursday, February 20, 2014

You've lost that loving feeling

My birthday is right around the corner and I'm not excited. Thankful, yes. But I can't get excited and throw myself a party. 

It's because this is so not where I thought I'd be at 21. Ok, thirty something. Actually, damned near 40. I used to love my birthday. March meant spring time and flowers. Now, it's just another day. I like other people's birthdays. Then you can eat one piece of cake. On your birthday, you're left with a whole cake. Who needs those calories? 

Sometimes, writers get in their feelings and that's where I am today. Hello melancholy. Lately, some really good people have been mistreated and that sucks. At the same time some really good people have seen their dreams come true. I'm looking at you, Iris Bolling! The Heart TV series is awesome!

Today is a blah day for me. I can do two things about it, drink more coffee or take it out on my characters. Hmmm. I think I will do both! 

That's the fun part about being a writer. You can get out of your feelings and write something amazing. 


  1. Understandable! Now...go get that your life! AND take it out on some characters....maybe somebody needs to get beat real...."beatcha like ya stole something" beatin' up...(just sayin'..)

  2. I totally get it.BTW, we share a birthday. ;-)