Friday, April 25, 2014

Can you cheer for a cheater?

We love romance novels because of the happily ever after. But we love Scandal and Being Mary Jane, too.

Let me set the scene for you, the heroines of both of these shows are in love with someone else's man. They're cheating and many of us cheer for them. But would you feel that way about romantic story? I mean, yeah, we loved The Bridges of Madison County, but would we love to read about a married man who fell in love with another woman while married to another?

Or moreover, do we hold women to a higher standard when it comes to fidelity in fiction? Some of the comments about Olivia Pope on Facebook and Twitter are down right harsh. But not many people go in on the men in that way.

So, do readers and watchers of scripted TV have more sympathy for a cheating man than a cheating woman?

It's hard for me to write about a cheater without painting him or her like a villain. My cheaters are mostly selfish bastards who end up floating in a river. Why, you ask? Because I base many of them of exes. Hey, writing keeps me out of prison.

There is one cheater that I wrote about who I kind of love. Maurice Goings, the hero of Let's Get It On.

That cheating cad kind of got what he deserved by being stood up at the altar, but he grew on me and readers seem to love him. I really take a sadistic pleasure in teasing my Facebook friends with the death of Maurice. Those posts are funny because I'm the one who ends up getting threatened. LOL. I'm going on record right now: Maurice won't die.

But I've often wondered, why are women expected to forgive the cheater but men who cheat are supposed to be forgiven?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I've been asked to take part in a Thursday Throwback chat today featuring the Ramseys. When I received the request, I was undoubtedly excited. More than that I struck by the amount of time that's passed since the release of that first title: A Lover's Dream- which was published in 2006, but actually written in 2003. Gosh! My son was a baby! I was still a relatively new author- a relatively new PUBLISHED author. I had actually been writing since 1994 and by the time I got around to ALD, I'd had about 4 published works and almost 15 unpublished works to my credit.

A connected series had eluded me however.

I guess it really hadn't eluded me, I'd actually not considered writing one- not understanding how much readers enjoyed returning to find out what their beloved (and not so beloved) characters were up to. Heck, I was one of them- from Karen Moning's Highlander Series (which actually sparked my decision to create Quest and Quaysar) to childhood faves like The Chronicles of Narnia and the Paddington Bear Series. I had a definite love for returning to the stories that followed characters I enjoyed.

At a book event at the Greensboro Public Library in North Carolina, I spent a great deal of time in conversation with the readers in attendance about our love for connected books. By the end of the event, I had the motivation I needed to get this thing started, but the actual plot path still eluded me. I did have the ingredients, though. I knew that whatever this connected story would entail would have to involve a family (because seriously, who comes with more drama than a wild family?) I knew there would have to be gorgeous men and women (this was a romance, after all-ha!) I knew there had to be secrets- tons of secrets. This ingredient was an easy one to come by since pretty much all my work deals with some hidden revelation to be uncovered as the story unfolds.

Different from my other stories, however I wanted the secrets comprising this series of stories to not only unfold more slowly but to also have been ones that were set in motion years- decades prior. I had completely enjoyed creating this series. The characters, the secrets, the passions, the settings...all of it has motivated me in the most phenomenal ways and it's rather bittersweet to envision a time when the story will come to its completion. I say bittersweet because part of me- a big part- is excited to see all the characters find the happiness they've fought for.

There are still two more stories (at least) to go. Readers are asking that I also include a Tesano Elders title, and there's a high probability that I will. But that's a ways off. There is still loads of drama to be recorded- Still more tense (and fatal) moments, more steamy encounters... Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Better Late Than...

Okay, so I'm a bit behind on my blog posts. It's been a wild and crazy year for me so far, and it's only April(well, it's April when this blog posts).

When I thought about what to talk about, I thought about my writing career. My first release came out April 2005. It was a futuristic erotic romance with white characters, believe it or not. "Adam and E-V-E" started it all. Hard to believe that the story started off as a 850-word, innocent short story. It's also hard to believe that as an author known for writing interracial BDSM erotic romance started off writing futuristic and regular (if you can call them regular) contemporary erotic romances.

When I started writing, all I knew was that I wanted to write. It didn't matter what type of story. Well, that's not entirely true. I knew I wanted to write romances. I LOVE romances. Even when I was a kid, I loved watching those old romantic movies, even the black-and-white ones. I loved seeing a couple battle each other, eventually get together, fall in love, break apart, then get back together again. It just gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside to watch the progression.

That's what I loved about my latest release, Woman in Chains. This is a contemporary, interracial, BDSM erotic romance about a former Dom who saves abused slaves and submissives. He saves one who is owned by the Dom who took his former submissive. As you can see, they clearly have some obstacles to overcome. Once they get together, mmm, is it magic.

That's what I look for in a read. I want the couple to have a huge obstacle to overcome and then find each other in the end. It's what life is all about, right?

So if I could give advice to yet-to-be-published authors that is to enjoy writing. Once you're published, you may get the feeling you're working at writing your next book. Never see it as work. Always remember how fun it is to write and create a story. If you remember that, then you'll have a long, happy career.

Speaking of long, happy careers, I have to go. Enjoy your next read!

Stay sexy,


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Deadlines...You've Finally Arrived At The Finish Line!

We all have them...
We all dread them...


Whether it's to pay a bill, finish our taxes or complete that manuscript, a deadline is sure to be in your life at some point in time.

Now, how you handle approaching such a time slot is the factor.

Did you work steadily toward the goal of completion? Or was there some life-changing event that took you off course?

Either way, if you were on point and got veered off track, one can usually adjust. Keep a calendar on your person or if you're tech-savvy, utilize your cell phone for daily updates. It's important to maintain one's focus, even in challenging times to achieve goals. If you find yourself off track, take a moment to regroup and get back in the movement!

Do not allow a deadline to determine your destiny!

After all, it's just time...make the most of it.

Speaking of such a topic, it's time that I get back to this story for the Embue line.
Chin up, pens up and fingers to the keyboard.
Rule your day and the HOT MAMA'S look forward to seeing you in June at the Fly Hat Luncheon in Morrisville, NC!

 -- Loretta R. Walls aka Embue. #nucherte

Friday, April 11, 2014

What Happens in Cabo....

   I’m always looking for somewhere new and romantic as a backdrop for my next romance novel. So imagine my excitement when I was invited to spend six days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Not only was the location beautiful but it was freaking romantic!
   There were fifteen of us girls staying at RIU Palace, an all-inclusive resort, celebrating my cousin’s 40th birthday. We had a blast! And the entire time the wheels were turning and I could see spending a romantic week in Cabo with
someone special. I was even thinking that maybe one of the Beaumont sisters could be hanging out with friends for the week and she meets something dark, rich and chocolate who has flown to Cabo for his frat brother’s wedding. Sparks flies and then it’s on and
   Speaking of weddings, I had the opportunity to see one performed right down on the beach. Barefoot and breathtaking! And let’s not forget about all the food and of course, the activities. We did everything from The Amazing Cabo Race, which is similar to the television series. My team took almost three hours to complete our task, but a margarita was waiting for me at the finish line. There was also snorkeling (I can’t swim) and whale watching. And then it was all about the pole dancing. The girls turnt up the studio, and later that night we went bar hopping. But my favorite part was just sitting out on the beach, in my bathing suit, soaking up the sun.
   I’m already thinking about coming back either in real life or in one of my future story ideas. Hmmm… how about I do both!