Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I've been asked to take part in a Thursday Throwback chat today featuring the Ramseys. When I received the request, I was undoubtedly excited. More than that I struck by the amount of time that's passed since the release of that first title: A Lover's Dream- which was published in 2006, but actually written in 2003. Gosh! My son was a baby! I was still a relatively new author- a relatively new PUBLISHED author. I had actually been writing since 1994 and by the time I got around to ALD, I'd had about 4 published works and almost 15 unpublished works to my credit.

A connected series had eluded me however.

I guess it really hadn't eluded me, I'd actually not considered writing one- not understanding how much readers enjoyed returning to find out what their beloved (and not so beloved) characters were up to. Heck, I was one of them- from Karen Moning's Highlander Series (which actually sparked my decision to create Quest and Quaysar) to childhood faves like The Chronicles of Narnia and the Paddington Bear Series. I had a definite love for returning to the stories that followed characters I enjoyed.

At a book event at the Greensboro Public Library in North Carolina, I spent a great deal of time in conversation with the readers in attendance about our love for connected books. By the end of the event, I had the motivation I needed to get this thing started, but the actual plot path still eluded me. I did have the ingredients, though. I knew that whatever this connected story would entail would have to involve a family (because seriously, who comes with more drama than a wild family?) I knew there would have to be gorgeous men and women (this was a romance, after all-ha!) I knew there had to be secrets- tons of secrets. This ingredient was an easy one to come by since pretty much all my work deals with some hidden revelation to be uncovered as the story unfolds.

Different from my other stories, however I wanted the secrets comprising this series of stories to not only unfold more slowly but to also have been ones that were set in motion years- decades prior. I had completely enjoyed creating this series. The characters, the secrets, the passions, the settings...all of it has motivated me in the most phenomenal ways and it's rather bittersweet to envision a time when the story will come to its completion. I say bittersweet because part of me- a big part- is excited to see all the characters find the happiness they've fought for.

There are still two more stories (at least) to go. Readers are asking that I also include a Tesano Elders title, and there's a high probability that I will. But that's a ways off. There is still loads of drama to be recorded- Still more tense (and fatal) moments, more steamy encounters... Enjoy!


  1. Hello AlTonya,

    I have the entire series thus far, but have not enjoyed them yet. This summer, I plan to read them and I am looking forward to it. My sister has read them all to and gets so excited when another one is released.

  2. Hi Rhea Alexis!

    Thanks for chiming in! I do hope the Ramseys will provide you with an exciting summer of reading!
    Al :-)

  3. I have all books in this series and absolutely love them!! Quay is my favorite Ramsey and Pike is my favorite Tesano

  4. Hi Al, I'm late to this post, but my consistent response to readers who have not indulged in the Ramsey/Tesano saga is..."WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" Hands down this group of gorgeous men and beautiful women you have created are apart of my absolute FAVORITE series. I have several that I love, but RT have a special place in my heart. There is nothing I would change and waiting for more is pure torture. I'm glad you are blogging but get back to work! LOL!