Friday, April 11, 2014

What Happens in Cabo....

   I’m always looking for somewhere new and romantic as a backdrop for my next romance novel. So imagine my excitement when I was invited to spend six days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Not only was the location beautiful but it was freaking romantic!
   There were fifteen of us girls staying at RIU Palace, an all-inclusive resort, celebrating my cousin’s 40th birthday. We had a blast! And the entire time the wheels were turning and I could see spending a romantic week in Cabo with
someone special. I was even thinking that maybe one of the Beaumont sisters could be hanging out with friends for the week and she meets something dark, rich and chocolate who has flown to Cabo for his frat brother’s wedding. Sparks flies and then it’s on and
   Speaking of weddings, I had the opportunity to see one performed right down on the beach. Barefoot and breathtaking! And let’s not forget about all the food and of course, the activities. We did everything from The Amazing Cabo Race, which is similar to the television series. My team took almost three hours to complete our task, but a margarita was waiting for me at the finish line. There was also snorkeling (I can’t swim) and whale watching. And then it was all about the pole dancing. The girls turnt up the studio, and later that night we went bar hopping. But my favorite part was just sitting out on the beach, in my bathing suit, soaking up the sun.
   I’m already thinking about coming back either in real life or in one of my future story ideas. Hmmm… how about I do both!

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