Monday, March 24, 2014

Books to Film

Have you ever had dream to become reality? Well, I did. Last year my publishing company, Siri Enterprises, along with a few friends, and a lot of prayer, took the pages of the first book of my Heart Series, Once You've Touched The Heart, and turned it into season 1 of The Heart TV series

Yes, it was real....LIGHTS -CAMERA-ACTION, type real. 

The Heart TV Series aired on February 15th 2014 and played 1 hour, for six weeks straight. What a BLAST it was. Just ask fellow Hot MAMA's, Angie Daniels and Loretta R. Walls, along with fellow author Nikkea Smithers. They were on set watching the magic come to life.

Imagine this....6 weekends, 6 am - whenever, food - maybe, water - from time to time. If anyone say anything about fine men and body oil, well... it was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it. It was grueling,  I tell you, grueling,  mad fun. LOL!. We had a blast filming an entire season in 18 days. The outcome was pretty damn good. 

Soon, yes, very soon, you will have the opportunity to see the entire season on DVD. Keep an eye on: for the latest information regarding the release of DVD's and the start up of season 2 of The Heart. 

Here's what's so amazing about this. 

Independent authors came together, to accomplish this feat. It wasn't easy, and it broke my bank account, but it was certainly worth it. Here's why. Authors came together to help a fellow author see her books come to life. They asked for nothing in return. Their motivation was to hep me accomplish a dream. No one can ever tell me there is no sisterhood in this business we call publishing, for the existence of The Heart TV Series proves that to be falsehood. 

To fellow authors, Nikkea Smithers, Loretta R. Walls, Angie Daniels, Victoria Wells, Lutisha Lovely, Suzzetta Perkins and Morgan McCoy, and those who wished us well, I want to say thank you, for your support. 

Here's to each and everyone of you who dare to BELIEVE. 

In other news, prepare yourself for the release of The Book of Joshua II - BELIEVE. The date...... has not been released...yet. HOWEVER, you may want to get your pennies ready, for it could drop without notice....

Blessings, until the next time,
Iris Bolling 


  1. Every word Iris Bolling wrote is true and I'm proud to have been part of the journey for The Heart TV Series. Check it out on You Tube and prepare for the DVD for your personal collection! And as for her newest book...I have my pennies ready and am on Joshua watch! #Believe #global #grinding #NODAYSOFF #blessed #visionary #books #BlackRVA #indie #IrisBolling#media #television #Boom

  2. This was truly an amazing experience. I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of seeing a dream become a reality. Congratulations Iris. I can't wait for the next season!