Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The remarks in this article came to me on a Saturday afternoon during a late afternoon showing of Sex and The City 2. Charlotte and Miranda were discussing “Mommy Woes” for lack of better phrasing-This in spite of the fact that both women have nannies. Charlotte; completely bewildered asked the question, “How do women with no help do it?!”
            I knew I was one of the loudest laughers with glass of wine in hand there in the cool dark theater located in the heart of the small college town where I live. Later, however, the question crossed my mind again. How do we do it? I, for one, don’t have a nanny. Even though I only have one child, he still takes a hefty toll on my time-many times my sanity. I suppose not allowing myself to really think about all that makes up a typical day for me, which is one way I do it. Another major way is having my own interests. Writing is my passion and it’s been a blessing to me in so many ways.
            Writing saved my sanity when I was a new mom in 2000 with no idea how to take care of the small man who had just come into my life. It saved me when I was out of work in 2001 and it definitely saved me when I embarked upon a new career in 2002. Now, the small man isn’t so small and writing has become more than just my sanity saver. Still my passion, it’s also part of what I do and it’s what allows me to do what I do so well- in my humble opinion.
            The way I see it, we all need an outlet. Doing it isn’t possible if we can’t see past it. If we have nothing to focus on beyond it, we could very well be consumed by it. At least, I know I could; as keeping up with my son’s social schedule, healthcare appointments and school responsibilities (Aggh! Don’t get me started!) It’s enough to keep me busy fulltime days, nights and weekends.
            Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is a wonderful experience. For those of us who care about doing it right, it does; as Miranda so eloquently put it, ‘Kick your ass’. We can’t be afraid to say- Time Out. It is possible to have that time; you’ve just got to be creative with it. When my son was smaller and at his neediest, bathroom breaks became my best friends. While he was settled down with a snack, mommy ventured off to ‘use the potty’ and those brief getaways were surprisingly rejuvenating. Small feats-but they work people!
            The great thing about taking on the job of being a mom is that there is no job description. It is what you make of it, but making time for yourself is essential. Anything from sticking your head inside the freezer (yes, folks that does have its benefits) to taking a vacation day from work while the kids are in school (go on, you know you’ve thought about it). These things benefit no one but you-and that’s the point. We spend countless hours nurturing our kids, spouses, pets… and forget about ourselves.
            Do it for yourself. That’s not selfish- it’s survival.

AlTonya Washington

Author, Writing Instructor, Librarian and Mom.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A wild ride of romance and intrigue

That's me in a nut shell. Denise Jeffries chiming in, so kick off your shoes, push back the recliner, put the car in park or turn off the t.v. I promise to take you away. When I first started writing romance I had no idea the love I would have for this new passion. My very first book, A Walk in the Rain, hit the stands May 2000 and it summed it up. I stepped out on blind faith and as genres go I didn't even know what I was writing. I knew I always had a love for writing, but never in a million years thought I'd be writing books. Once I realized my imagination was full of facinating things I couldn't be stopped. Not only do I love reading romance I love writing it. I love the idea that I can take someone to another world, we can go into the future, swim under the sea , travel to another planet or run through the forest with a werewolf. Who knew? Many times people ask me why I write and where do I get my ideas? After all, I am known for killing people for a hobby. I write romance because I love the happy ending. I am a true optimist at heart. My cup is always half full and I truely believe there is a mate for every person. We just have to find him or her. I believe in life, love and the pursuit of happiness, even if life's struggles sometimes get in the way. I love strong women and even stronger men. I love two people who will fight for what's right and each other. We all know in life, love can sometimes hurt, but when it falls into place, ohh-la-la. How sweet it is. Yet, again, I digress. I get my book ideas from everything, every where and every body. Sometimes they come to me in dreams and sometimes just from something someone said. My favorite is from watching people. My friends know to watch what they do or say around me, because it might end up in a book. My mood also plays a part in what I'm writing. Today it's a comtemporary romance, next week it will be paranormal and later in the summer, romantic suspense. Writing is such a cool life to have. Writing is my 'Calgon take me away,' as I hope it is for my readers. What better why to visit foreign lands, meet people you thought were off limit or travel to other planets and worlds. So when you have a moment, come away with me. I have 8 book titles to date with several planned for future release. I have one book series in play at the present, St Agnes series, Lost in the Dark, book three will be out by years end. Also, Yesterday's Promises, sequal to Sleeping Beauty , will be out by the end of the year as well. Drowning at Sea, a mermalicious tale, a re-release will hit the e-market stand in August so get ready to take another dip in the big blue sea. Oh, I almost forgot. I just finished my latest contemporary romance, Rhythms of the Soul and I'm hoping for a 2013 release date for this one as well. I hope you plan to hang out with me for a while. Kick up your feet and grab a book. I promise to take you on a wild ride of romance and intrigue. www.denisejeffries.com www.denisejeffriestheauthor.blogspot.com www.4getthedishes.blogspot.com (jumping off August 1.) Also, if you are looking for something undeniably delicious don't forget my dear friend and alter ego, Alexis Ke, where sexy, saucy, spicy undeniably delicious is her middle name.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Romantic State of Mind

Hello Readers

My name is Iris Bolling. I’m one of the Hot M.A.M.A. that writes romance, pure and simple. Why, because I can wrap so many things into a romance novel and still get my freak on. Yes, M.A.M.A. need to get their freak on too. Where else can I have the President of the United States make love to me, or my favorite R&B singer love me down, or a CIA operative that knows how to stimulate every part of my body? Whew, back to my introduction. The best way to describe who I am and what I do is to give you a demonstration. Webster states, “Romance usually refers to love, emphasizing emotion over libido. I tend to believe emotions have a direct effect on ones’ libido. Allow me to demonstrate.

Love, an emotion, certainly increased JD and Tracy Harrison’s libido in my novel A Heart Divided.  “Watch what happens to your face when your love flows through me. See what I see.” Heaving heavily against her back, “Come with me babe. Explode with me….His words trailed off as they both burst into a thousand pieces with their juices flowing down her inner thighs, his shaft still slick and wet, moving slower, relishing the feel. Holding her securely, they both sagged to the floor.
Libido Activated

Anger, was the emotion that pushed James and Ashley Brook’s libido over the top, in my novel The Heart of Him.

Now, James was getting a little frustrated. “Ashley,” he said calmly, “I am not a man to answer the same question more than once. At this moment you are trying my patience. I’m not going to answer any more questions about Tracy.” “Then we don’t have anything to talk about. May I have my keys?” Ashley held her hand out with the other on her hip. James handed her the keys. “Thank you,” she responded.

James really did not understand what more he could say to ease her concerns about Tracy. She asked the question, he told her no. He even went to her a second time and explained further. In his mind that should be it. Ashley turned to go out the door. James had mixed emotions, but he was certain he did not want her to leave. As she opened the door he reached around her and pushed it closed. He pinned her against the door, then kissed her passionately. Ashley responded with just as much passion. James’s reaction surprised him, but he couldn’t let her walk out of that door.
Libido Activated

Lust, an emotion which even the mild mannered possess as Eric Davies and Siri Austin demonstrated in my novel Night of Seduction/Heavens’ Gate.

 The moment her legs surrounded him the blood pumping through his groin increased. Bracing her between his body and the tool shed, his hands touched the smooth skin of her thighs. Fire ignited in his system causing a groan to escape his throat. He pushed her lower until the core of her connected with his undeniable arousal. The jean skirt moved up. The only thing separating his fire and her desire was the silk of her lace panties and the cloth of his pants. Not thinking twice he reached in to remove the barrier by unzipping his pants and freeing his arousal. “Tell me to stop Siri,” he murmured against her lips, “tell me to stop.”
Her pulse was racing, her mind void of thoughts and her body leaping with desire, “Please don’t stop Eric. Don’t stop.”
Libido Activated

I don’t know about you, but romance certainly plays into the activation of ones’ libido. When I write stories I put all my feelings into them. The characters are, memorable, caring and love activating their libido. There are times that I add a little suspense, drama and a lot of laughter. I've posted  samples of my work above. Below are my other works. If you like to read more about my books, please stop by my website at: www.irisbolling.com, we’ll be happy to see you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

From A Firm Hand...

From A Firm Hand…

Happy Friday in HOT M.A.M.A. Land! 

“I don’t know what you thought this was, but I’ll show you what it’s gonna be…”

That’s just one of those quirky phrases I like to say when I’m delving into work mode, bear with me.

In case you’re wondering who I am, the name is Loretta R. Walls. I have a couple of titles (The Princess of Original Urban Romance, CEO of Nu Cherte Publishing) and an erotica moniker known as Embue, The Steamy One.
Summer is passing us by quickly and I sincerely hope you’ve taken some time out to soak some of it in. Why not take a half a day and just lounge at the library, local bookstore or on your couch? Think about it, then execute.
So, what would you like to know about me? Well, I’ve always been a reader; writing didn’t hit my blood until age thirteen. I was reading my mother’s novels at that age (Secrets by Danielle Steel and Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins) which held my attention. A bit grown for my age, but it wasn’t the content that hooked me; the concept of writing a book did.
After reading those two novels, I decided penning a novel was my goal. Pretty ambitious for a teen in the year of 1986, yes it was quite some time ago. Paper and writing utensils became my closest friends.
I quickly learned that writing was a very liberating experience; I could unleash things through a character most wouldn’t dare to reveal. More importantly, what I wrote could truly affect someone’s life. I liked those concepts. Now while I love to write hot, steamy and sensual scenes, there’s almost always a lesson entangled within them.
Music is my motivational muse when I write. I feel it and let it take over. (That’s a secret so don’t tell anyone else, okay? Shhh!!!)
Most of my novels are based around family, friends, relationships and a whole load of drama. If you’re into something a bit steamier, the RENDEZVOUS Series is a favorable selection.

I love communicating with my readers. Feel free to reach out at anytime.
Loretta R. Walls
Author and CEO, Nu Cherte Publishing

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Hello Romance Reader.  I'm Cheris Hodges.

As I sit here watching the temperatures rise; I can't help but think about summertime and why so many people fall in love or get married during this time of year. Maybe it's because everyone's wearing fewer clothes and the longer days lowers our inhibitions.

If you think about some of your favorite romance novels, I bet they're set in the summer or spring. Maybe even on an island getaway while the rest of the world suffers through winter. It may be cold and snowing in New York, Atlanta or Charlotte; but this couple is falling in love under a Caribbean sun.

I love reading and writing those books.
Maybe it's a southern thing. Our snow usually comes in the form of freezing rain and ice that rips down trees and power lines. That's not fun or safe.
Perhaps that's why my last two novels, Too Hot For TV and Recipe For Desire had  such sunny settings.

 Too Hot For TV took place mostly in Hawaii. Paradise! My heroine, Imani, spent a lot of time in little more than a bikini --how could Dr. Raymond Thomas resist? And how could Imani not fall for his sculpted chest and strong arms since his was shirtless most of the time?

Recipe For Desire is set in Charlotte during the spring and summer. If you know anything thing about North Carolina weather, spring lasts a week and summer is forever. Hot weather and a heroine, Marie Charles, with a hot temper--this was a fun book to write.
Now, I'm not totally against some winter loving, but it's something about hot and steamy summer nights that gets the blood flowing!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Corsets & Pink Stilettos

First, I’d like to say thank you to all of my readers for over 10 years of continued love and support. It’s because of you I get to go into the office every morning in lace corsets and pink stilettos~~two of life’s simple pleasures~~and create stories that you have all come to enjoy.

For those of you who don’t know me, I'm Angie Daniels, a.k.a, Sasha Campbell, an award-winning author of both romance and women’s fiction. People often ask, what’s the difference between the two genres? Well, that’s easy.  The formula for romance is simply, there's always a happy ending. Women’s fiction? Anything goes and when it comes to Sasha Campbell, I do mean ANYTHING.

Which do I prefer?

Well, how about I start by first introducing you to me and my alter ego.

For me … it all depends on my mood. Some days I’m outgoing and funny, other days I’m more reserved. Whereas, Sasha is a breed of her own. She’s wild and feisty and has a mouth on her that I try to contain but that isn’t always possible. I like stilettos, and she loves corsets. I prefer dressing with style and class, and Sasha loves outfits that reveal her inner freak. We are as different as day and night, but together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

As Angie Daniels … I’ve written over twenty romances. There is a formula to romance that most authors master over time. The hero and heroine meet … there’s an intense attraction … hot steamy sex (and the more the better) … add a little conflict and some resistance … yet in the end they fall in love and live happily ever after. The thing I find most challenging is finding ways to keep my stories from sounding the same. One thing I have learn is that I can’t just create the type of men I like. I’ve gotta also cater to the needs and wants of my readers. You want a thick sista with natural hair… got it. You want an everyday blue collar worker … I got it. I’ve found I enjoy creating everyday characters that readers can relate to. Romance writing is where my career began and it is something I will never steer away from no matter what direction my career is headed.

Then there’s my alter ego Sasha Campbell, a vivacious diva. She has costumes hanging in the closet, and a stripper pole mounted in one corner of her office (Trust me, every woman should have one). She loves urban drama, intrigue and definitely suspense with twists and turns in every story. All of her books are centered around dialogue, and are based on everyday issues. Most importantly, there isn’t always a happy ending. Sasha also tweets daily about off-the-wall shit and indulges in on-line dating that she posts in details on her blog. In other words ... she likes to keep it real. As Sasha, I can get away with things I could never do with romance.

So which do I prefer? Romance or women’s fiction?

What I prefer is variety. I require it in my writing the same way I crave it in my men. A little bit of this and a whole helluva lot of that. By having it, I keep my writing from getting stagnant and boring while at the same time I try to ensure my readers always get a page-turning ride for their money.  

Until Next Time,


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Introducing....Monique Lamont

How's that for a title? Okay, in sticking with the style Bridget Midway has set forth, I will introduce myself to those readers that don't know me. I'm Monique Lamont, a sensual contemporary--occasionally paranormal--romance writer. I've been writing since 1998, and published around 2002, but I would say it wasn't until around 2007 that I actual got my feet grounded and knew what I was doing. Sounds crazy doesn't it. However, for me as a writer I had to decide and understand how I wanted to tell a story. What I wanted to be known for. You know all authors have a brand, or at least any authors worth their salt should; present company included. What is a brand? It is the style and voice of a writer. Every time you pick up a book from an author, you should be able to tell who it is by the wording, meaning how it is written and also what to expect from that author. For me I'm the author that is going to take my readers to the altar before the "deed" gets done. A bit of a challenge because some of today's readers really want the sheets blazing in chapter one, page one, line one. No, I am not an inspirational author. I couldn't write a closed door sex scene if I tried. Even if I thought it was within my capability to write one, my characters would kick the door open and let you watch. Their a little exhibitionist that way. Because once I let them loose, oh, my God, it gets hot. Again, and again, and again.

Now, this "style" of mine, always causes me to brainstorm for hours and sometimes days in what logical reason would two consenting mature adults, in this day and age, go to the altar before heating up the sheets. However, that is the fun part of my mental and writing journey and I hope it turns out to be just as enjoyable for the readers.

I'm also an "emotional" writer. Yup, I meant to say emotional not emotions, but once you get to know me more I'll explain that fully. LOL. In short, I will tell you, I was a mental health counselor for fifteen years, so I think when I write all off that experience gets wrapped up in my stories. No, I don't usually write about the field, specifically. More about the experiences of life that clients shared with me; meaning the hurt, pain, frustration and even joys. Why do people stay when relationships hurt? Why does a man believe that his life changed and he felt more whole when he met a certain woman? How people learn to grow and heal from past relationship gone wrong? Let's not forget the "hidden" secrets of families and how that shapes people. When I pen a story, consider my characters, those emotions to me are just as important as how they hit the sheets or how often. In the end, I want to have addressed those things buried deep for them through their opposite in the story (hero or heroine). Heal them and maybe some areas of the reader's heart as well. Wow, big task, I know. But, whoever said writing was easy...isn't a write worth their salt. These Hot MAMAs know what I'm talking about.

Let's talk books. I currently have two series going, my "Hero" series. Which will be getting a new face soon and I am totally excited about that. (Yes, I used the word totally. SoCal chick, here.) So, far in the hero series you have Fire and Desire and Restrained Desire, I'm currently penning Evidence of Desire, book three. The forth and final book has yet to be titled. Also, I have my "Double Impact" series. Twins, everyone loves them or at least are fascinated by them. This series features a set of identical twin women and identical twin men. No, they are not married to each other. LOL. There will be four books in this series as well.  Double Take was the first book and my latest release.

All of my books can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, All Romance eBooks in print and eBook.
I will say I have truly enjoyed this time with you all. I hope you've learned a little about me, if you didn't know me before now. If you are familiar with my work thanks for all the years of support. Until next time.

~Monique Lamont is romance you, one page at a time.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!

Hi my sexy bitches!

I'm thrilled to be posting on the Hot M.A.M.A's blog! I get to break the author cherry. Whoo! Hoo! But enough about me. Let me tell you about...me.

I'm an author of contemporary interracial erotic romance, but I'm probably best known for my contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romances. Some of my more popular titles are Love My Way and my Corporate series: Corporate Seduction, Corporate Desires and Corporate Needs.

So why BDSM? And why interracial BDSM? I get asked that question a lot from readers and other authors. When I started writing erotic romances, an author friend author told me about her desire to write BDSM. I thought she was strange. In my mind, BDSM meant that men disrespected and beat women. I wasn't down for that. Then she convinced me to meet with some folks in the Lifestyle and ask questions. I didn't even think there were Dommes, Doms and submissives in my neck of the woods. Sure enough there was a group there.

I attended one of their munches. A munch is a lunch/demonstration. Slaves and submissives serve their Dommes and Doms. Because this is in a private residence, the submissives and slaves are in various forms of dress. I've been to events where the male slaves and submissives have served us while wearing women's panties and nothing else, a French maid's outfit, or even completely naked.

As far as demonstrations, I've seen everything from different types of canes and how to use them, to whips to floggers, even wax play, mummification, electric play, and paddles.

I have also attended play parties. Play parties are exactly what it sounds like. Doms, dommes and their submissives or slaves attend one place and play with each other. At these events, I have seen needle play and have paddled an 80 year-old man. Yes, I paddled a senior citizen. Hey, he asked me to do it! I find, though, that I don't have that edge needed to discipline another person. I really think you have to care about that person to give them that type of treatment (as strange as that sounds).

Aside from the play itself, what drew me to write BDSM was my desire to figure out why someone would want to be in this Lifestyle. I think most authors write to figure something out than anything else. If I could get into a character's head, then I could understand the Lifestyle. It worked. The more I attended these events, the more I could see how much the submissives and slaves love what they do for the person they serve. That's the angle I had to explore.

So why interracial? I write interracial romances anyway. Why stop? Plus I like pushing boundaries. If you want to read some boundary pushing scenes from some of my works, check out my blog, The Bridget Monologues.

Please feel free to ask me anything. I'm an open book!

Stay sexy,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome to the Land of Hot MAMAs!

Hi, Y'all!
Kianna here. Looks like you've found your way to the warmest corner of the Internet ;)
Welcome to Hot MAMA Land. We are a group of African American women who write romance novels, all living in the NC/VA area. At Romance Slam Jam 2012, I began asking around to see how many other writers lived near me. From that bit of nosiness, the Hot MAMA collective was born.
Wanna know who's here? All our names are in the sidebar, but I'll give you a little reminder, in the form of the schedule for this month. It will also give you an idea of what you'll have to look forward to- lots of excitement. Today, there's me, of course, but here's what's coming up.

 July 6: Bridget Midway
July 10: Monique Lamont
July 13: Angie Daniels
July 17: Cheris Hodges
July 20: Loretta Walls
July 24: Iris Bolling
July 27: Denise Jeffries
July 31: Altonya Washington

Pretty illustrious group, right? We see you nodding your head. ;)  Click on our names in the sidebar, and you'll be magically transported to our websites, to see our news and latest releases. Anyway, we're happy to have you here. Be sure and stop by on Tuesdays and Fridays to find out whats Hot in MAMA Land. What are we gonna talk about? Romance, heroes, and life in general. We're keeping it strictly sassy, but classy.
For all of you unfamiliar with my work, my latest release is Kissing the Captain, an interaccial historical. Click the cover image for more info.

All the Best,