Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Introducing....Monique Lamont

How's that for a title? Okay, in sticking with the style Bridget Midway has set forth, I will introduce myself to those readers that don't know me. I'm Monique Lamont, a sensual contemporary--occasionally paranormal--romance writer. I've been writing since 1998, and published around 2002, but I would say it wasn't until around 2007 that I actual got my feet grounded and knew what I was doing. Sounds crazy doesn't it. However, for me as a writer I had to decide and understand how I wanted to tell a story. What I wanted to be known for. You know all authors have a brand, or at least any authors worth their salt should; present company included. What is a brand? It is the style and voice of a writer. Every time you pick up a book from an author, you should be able to tell who it is by the wording, meaning how it is written and also what to expect from that author. For me I'm the author that is going to take my readers to the altar before the "deed" gets done. A bit of a challenge because some of today's readers really want the sheets blazing in chapter one, page one, line one. No, I am not an inspirational author. I couldn't write a closed door sex scene if I tried. Even if I thought it was within my capability to write one, my characters would kick the door open and let you watch. Their a little exhibitionist that way. Because once I let them loose, oh, my God, it gets hot. Again, and again, and again.

Now, this "style" of mine, always causes me to brainstorm for hours and sometimes days in what logical reason would two consenting mature adults, in this day and age, go to the altar before heating up the sheets. However, that is the fun part of my mental and writing journey and I hope it turns out to be just as enjoyable for the readers.

I'm also an "emotional" writer. Yup, I meant to say emotional not emotions, but once you get to know me more I'll explain that fully. LOL. In short, I will tell you, I was a mental health counselor for fifteen years, so I think when I write all off that experience gets wrapped up in my stories. No, I don't usually write about the field, specifically. More about the experiences of life that clients shared with me; meaning the hurt, pain, frustration and even joys. Why do people stay when relationships hurt? Why does a man believe that his life changed and he felt more whole when he met a certain woman? How people learn to grow and heal from past relationship gone wrong? Let's not forget the "hidden" secrets of families and how that shapes people. When I pen a story, consider my characters, those emotions to me are just as important as how they hit the sheets or how often. In the end, I want to have addressed those things buried deep for them through their opposite in the story (hero or heroine). Heal them and maybe some areas of the reader's heart as well. Wow, big task, I know. But, whoever said writing was easy...isn't a write worth their salt. These Hot MAMAs know what I'm talking about.

Let's talk books. I currently have two series going, my "Hero" series. Which will be getting a new face soon and I am totally excited about that. (Yes, I used the word totally. SoCal chick, here.) So, far in the hero series you have Fire and Desire and Restrained Desire, I'm currently penning Evidence of Desire, book three. The forth and final book has yet to be titled. Also, I have my "Double Impact" series. Twins, everyone loves them or at least are fascinated by them. This series features a set of identical twin women and identical twin men. No, they are not married to each other. LOL. There will be four books in this series as well.  Double Take was the first book and my latest release.

All of my books can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, All Romance eBooks in print and eBook.
I will say I have truly enjoyed this time with you all. I hope you've learned a little about me, if you didn't know me before now. If you are familiar with my work thanks for all the years of support. Until next time.

~Monique Lamont is romance you, one page at a time.


  1. Hey, Monique! Great intro for the folks who don't know you yet. Keep the emotions riding high! Me likey!

  2. Hello Ms. Monique;
    You've been at it for a while. I did not know that. Your feet is definitely on solid grounds now. Great introduction to Ms. Monique Lamont.