Friday, July 13, 2012

Corsets & Pink Stilettos

First, I’d like to say thank you to all of my readers for over 10 years of continued love and support. It’s because of you I get to go into the office every morning in lace corsets and pink stilettos~~two of life’s simple pleasures~~and create stories that you have all come to enjoy.

For those of you who don’t know me, I'm Angie Daniels, a.k.a, Sasha Campbell, an award-winning author of both romance and women’s fiction. People often ask, what’s the difference between the two genres? Well, that’s easy.  The formula for romance is simply, there's always a happy ending. Women’s fiction? Anything goes and when it comes to Sasha Campbell, I do mean ANYTHING.

Which do I prefer?

Well, how about I start by first introducing you to me and my alter ego.

For me … it all depends on my mood. Some days I’m outgoing and funny, other days I’m more reserved. Whereas, Sasha is a breed of her own. She’s wild and feisty and has a mouth on her that I try to contain but that isn’t always possible. I like stilettos, and she loves corsets. I prefer dressing with style and class, and Sasha loves outfits that reveal her inner freak. We are as different as day and night, but together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

As Angie Daniels … I’ve written over twenty romances. There is a formula to romance that most authors master over time. The hero and heroine meet … there’s an intense attraction … hot steamy sex (and the more the better) … add a little conflict and some resistance … yet in the end they fall in love and live happily ever after. The thing I find most challenging is finding ways to keep my stories from sounding the same. One thing I have learn is that I can’t just create the type of men I like. I’ve gotta also cater to the needs and wants of my readers. You want a thick sista with natural hair… got it. You want an everyday blue collar worker … I got it. I’ve found I enjoy creating everyday characters that readers can relate to. Romance writing is where my career began and it is something I will never steer away from no matter what direction my career is headed.

Then there’s my alter ego Sasha Campbell, a vivacious diva. She has costumes hanging in the closet, and a stripper pole mounted in one corner of her office (Trust me, every woman should have one). She loves urban drama, intrigue and definitely suspense with twists and turns in every story. All of her books are centered around dialogue, and are based on everyday issues. Most importantly, there isn’t always a happy ending. Sasha also tweets daily about off-the-wall shit and indulges in on-line dating that she posts in details on her blog. In other words ... she likes to keep it real. As Sasha, I can get away with things I could never do with romance.

So which do I prefer? Romance or women’s fiction?

What I prefer is variety. I require it in my writing the same way I crave it in my men. A little bit of this and a whole helluva lot of that. By having it, I keep my writing from getting stagnant and boring while at the same time I try to ensure my readers always get a page-turning ride for their money.  

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  1. Nice post, Angie! And to think I've been writing in flats and a t-shirt...I gotta step my game up! LOL

  2. I am with you Kianna, I need to change my outfit while writing. Hmmm, I"m thinking lace and whips.......Yeah, I try that and watch my sweet lose his mind. Nice post Angie, now I have to find my alter ego.

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  4. I think my alter ego would write in the nude! LOL! Great post, Angie.

    **Sticky K key**

  5. Wow! And you all call ME risque! *LOL*

  6. Wow, what an informative article, Angie! Digging the work uniform, considering a new look now. You ladies are making the standards high and I love it.

  7. Yeah, girls you gotta step up your game. The best way to get in character is to get in costume. LOL. It will drive your man wild!

  8. I usually write in my pyjamas, but incidentally, I do have a pole in my office... hmmm.

    And Rachell is my alter ego. She definitely gets away with stuff Jo would never do. It's exhilarating... but sometimes a hard balancing act. How do you guys keep your alter egos separate?