Friday, July 27, 2012

A wild ride of romance and intrigue

That's me in a nut shell. Denise Jeffries chiming in, so kick off your shoes, push back the recliner, put the car in park or turn off the t.v. I promise to take you away. When I first started writing romance I had no idea the love I would have for this new passion. My very first book, A Walk in the Rain, hit the stands May 2000 and it summed it up. I stepped out on blind faith and as genres go I didn't even know what I was writing. I knew I always had a love for writing, but never in a million years thought I'd be writing books. Once I realized my imagination was full of facinating things I couldn't be stopped. Not only do I love reading romance I love writing it. I love the idea that I can take someone to another world, we can go into the future, swim under the sea , travel to another planet or run through the forest with a werewolf. Who knew? Many times people ask me why I write and where do I get my ideas? After all, I am known for killing people for a hobby. I write romance because I love the happy ending. I am a true optimist at heart. My cup is always half full and I truely believe there is a mate for every person. We just have to find him or her. I believe in life, love and the pursuit of happiness, even if life's struggles sometimes get in the way. I love strong women and even stronger men. I love two people who will fight for what's right and each other. We all know in life, love can sometimes hurt, but when it falls into place, ohh-la-la. How sweet it is. Yet, again, I digress. I get my book ideas from everything, every where and every body. Sometimes they come to me in dreams and sometimes just from something someone said. My favorite is from watching people. My friends know to watch what they do or say around me, because it might end up in a book. My mood also plays a part in what I'm writing. Today it's a comtemporary romance, next week it will be paranormal and later in the summer, romantic suspense. Writing is such a cool life to have. Writing is my 'Calgon take me away,' as I hope it is for my readers. What better why to visit foreign lands, meet people you thought were off limit or travel to other planets and worlds. So when you have a moment, come away with me. I have 8 book titles to date with several planned for future release. I have one book series in play at the present, St Agnes series, Lost in the Dark, book three will be out by years end. Also, Yesterday's Promises, sequal to Sleeping Beauty , will be out by the end of the year as well. Drowning at Sea, a mermalicious tale, a re-release will hit the e-market stand in August so get ready to take another dip in the big blue sea. Oh, I almost forgot. I just finished my latest contemporary romance, Rhythms of the Soul and I'm hoping for a 2013 release date for this one as well. I hope you plan to hang out with me for a while. Kick up your feet and grab a book. I promise to take you on a wild ride of romance and intrigue. (jumping off August 1.) Also, if you are looking for something undeniably delicious don't forget my dear friend and alter ego, Alexis Ke, where sexy, saucy, spicy undeniably delicious is her middle name.


  1. Hey Denise! Great post. Great intro to you. Readers, don't forget Whispers In The Dark.

  2. Hey Denise, are you still killing people and enjoying it? Yep, I see that you are. Shaking my head. Such a sweet dangerous person.