Friday, July 6, 2012

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Hi my sexy bitches!

I'm thrilled to be posting on the Hot M.A.M.A's blog! I get to break the author cherry. Whoo! Hoo! But enough about me. Let me tell you

I'm an author of contemporary interracial erotic romance, but I'm probably best known for my contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romances. Some of my more popular titles are Love My Way and my Corporate series: Corporate Seduction, Corporate Desires and Corporate Needs.

So why BDSM? And why interracial BDSM? I get asked that question a lot from readers and other authors. When I started writing erotic romances, an author friend author told me about her desire to write BDSM. I thought she was strange. In my mind, BDSM meant that men disrespected and beat women. I wasn't down for that. Then she convinced me to meet with some folks in the Lifestyle and ask questions. I didn't even think there were Dommes, Doms and submissives in my neck of the woods. Sure enough there was a group there.

I attended one of their munches. A munch is a lunch/demonstration. Slaves and submissives serve their Dommes and Doms. Because this is in a private residence, the submissives and slaves are in various forms of dress. I've been to events where the male slaves and submissives have served us while wearing women's panties and nothing else, a French maid's outfit, or even completely naked.

As far as demonstrations, I've seen everything from different types of canes and how to use them, to whips to floggers, even wax play, mummification, electric play, and paddles.

I have also attended play parties. Play parties are exactly what it sounds like. Doms, dommes and their submissives or slaves attend one place and play with each other. At these events, I have seen needle play and have paddled an 80 year-old man. Yes, I paddled a senior citizen. Hey, he asked me to do it! I find, though, that I don't have that edge needed to discipline another person. I really think you have to care about that person to give them that type of treatment (as strange as that sounds).

Aside from the play itself, what drew me to write BDSM was my desire to figure out why someone would want to be in this Lifestyle. I think most authors write to figure something out than anything else. If I could get into a character's head, then I could understand the Lifestyle. It worked. The more I attended these events, the more I could see how much the submissives and slaves love what they do for the person they serve. That's the angle I had to explore.

So why interracial? I write interracial romances anyway. Why stop? Plus I like pushing boundaries. If you want to read some boundary pushing scenes from some of my works, check out my blog, The Bridget Monologues.

Please feel free to ask me anything. I'm an open book!

Stay sexy,


  1. Hmmm. Well all right now. Ms. Bridget has opened the door. How in the hell are we supposed to follow this!???????

    Thanks Kianna for putting me later on the list. Lawd, I have to go back to the drawing board.


  2. Bridget, you know that your CORPORATE series changed my opinions and views on the BDSM lifestyle and I thank you.

    Keep up the insightful and inlightening work!

  3. *LOL* @ Iris. I thought I was pretty tame.

    Thank you, Miss Rhonda! I'm trying to keep up the momentum.

  4. I'm telling you, if you haven't read any of Bridget's books, you're living under a rock!!! I have Fascination Street and Corporate Seduction...let's just say that she has a way of writing Interractial Romance/BDSM and making you feel unashamed to welcome new ideas to spice up your life. Hey, a little kinky can go a long way! :) Great introduction, ladybug!

    1. Thank you, Miss Loretta! The same goes for your books!

  5. Wow, Bridget, so interesting how you stumbled upon the lifestyle and came to learn about it. It's great that you had an open mind and look what it did for your writing! It's amazing the things that go on in our own communities that we have no idea of, until someone opens the door. Much continued success with your books!

    1. Yes, Nona, I'm glad I kept an open mind about BDSM and pursued that genre. As a matter of fact, my local BDSM group is having a munch this coming Sunday. I'm going to go because I always get inspired to write when I'm around them. I always learn something new.