Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Hello Romance Reader.  I'm Cheris Hodges.

As I sit here watching the temperatures rise; I can't help but think about summertime and why so many people fall in love or get married during this time of year. Maybe it's because everyone's wearing fewer clothes and the longer days lowers our inhibitions.

If you think about some of your favorite romance novels, I bet they're set in the summer or spring. Maybe even on an island getaway while the rest of the world suffers through winter. It may be cold and snowing in New York, Atlanta or Charlotte; but this couple is falling in love under a Caribbean sun.

I love reading and writing those books.
Maybe it's a southern thing. Our snow usually comes in the form of freezing rain and ice that rips down trees and power lines. That's not fun or safe.
Perhaps that's why my last two novels, Too Hot For TV and Recipe For Desire had  such sunny settings.

 Too Hot For TV took place mostly in Hawaii. Paradise! My heroine, Imani, spent a lot of time in little more than a bikini --how could Dr. Raymond Thomas resist? And how could Imani not fall for his sculpted chest and strong arms since his was shirtless most of the time?

Recipe For Desire is set in Charlotte during the spring and summer. If you know anything thing about North Carolina weather, spring lasts a week and summer is forever. Hot weather and a heroine, Marie Charles, with a hot temper--this was a fun book to write.
Now, I'm not totally against some winter loving, but it's something about hot and steamy summer nights that gets the blood flowing!

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  1. Hey Cheris;
    I like summer romances also. Escpecailly in exotic places, but I never thought of Charlotte as a romantic place. But then again, romance can be found can be found anywhere. Nice post, I'll give Receipe For Desire a peek to see where the romantic spots are in Charlotte.

  2. I think you are right, Cheris. Summer and spring-lovin' romances are more prevalent because of the heat, the long days, and the scarce clothing. Your stories, TOO HOT FOR TV and RECIPE FOR DESIRE, both sound hot! What's your next release?

  3. Hey ladies. Iris, you know Charlotte is getting this romantic reputation especially since The Bachelorette was filmed here and Brenda Jackson has a series that's set in Charlotte.

    Bridget, my next release is coming May, 2013. Waiting for a title. :)