Friday, July 20, 2012

From A Firm Hand...

From A Firm Hand…

Happy Friday in HOT M.A.M.A. Land! 

“I don’t know what you thought this was, but I’ll show you what it’s gonna be…”

That’s just one of those quirky phrases I like to say when I’m delving into work mode, bear with me.

In case you’re wondering who I am, the name is Loretta R. Walls. I have a couple of titles (The Princess of Original Urban Romance, CEO of Nu Cherte Publishing) and an erotica moniker known as Embue, The Steamy One.
Summer is passing us by quickly and I sincerely hope you’ve taken some time out to soak some of it in. Why not take a half a day and just lounge at the library, local bookstore or on your couch? Think about it, then execute.
So, what would you like to know about me? Well, I’ve always been a reader; writing didn’t hit my blood until age thirteen. I was reading my mother’s novels at that age (Secrets by Danielle Steel and Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins) which held my attention. A bit grown for my age, but it wasn’t the content that hooked me; the concept of writing a book did.
After reading those two novels, I decided penning a novel was my goal. Pretty ambitious for a teen in the year of 1986, yes it was quite some time ago. Paper and writing utensils became my closest friends.
I quickly learned that writing was a very liberating experience; I could unleash things through a character most wouldn’t dare to reveal. More importantly, what I wrote could truly affect someone’s life. I liked those concepts. Now while I love to write hot, steamy and sensual scenes, there’s almost always a lesson entangled within them.
Music is my motivational muse when I write. I feel it and let it take over. (That’s a secret so don’t tell anyone else, okay? Shhh!!!)
Most of my novels are based around family, friends, relationships and a whole load of drama. If you’re into something a bit steamier, the RENDEZVOUS Series is a favorable selection.

I love communicating with my readers. Feel free to reach out at anytime.
Loretta R. Walls
Author and CEO, Nu Cherte Publishing


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  2. Hello Loretta, you do carry many titles. As CEO you handle a number of titles and authors, as The Princess of Urban Romance, you give us stories of love lost and found. As Embue you share those hot steamy stories that make go hmmm. I have one more title to add, friend. And you do well in all of them.

    1. Thank you, Iris! You know all things come from above but for the angels on here on Earth, you are one of my own. :) Writing is that bond we share and will keep giving the world for years to come.

  3. Oh my! Embue? How did I not know about that side of you? Hotness! And Iris is right. You are a woman with her stuff together and you are a great friend. It's wonderful when authors support each other.

    1. Now Bridget...we go back a ways, too and after reading your work, Embue slowly surfaced, so I thank you for that. I love supporting authors that are learning the craft and business, just as you have. I appreciate you.