Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Wait is Over!

  The wait is finally over and it's time for the premiere of the Heart TV Series…
   The day started off with a private screening of Episode 1 at the beautiful Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. The theatre quickly filled to capacity and became standing room only. Fans didn’t seem to mind as they waited anxiously to be the first to see the series. I was one of those people, who had yet to view the finished product.

   Then the lights dimmed and it was show time.

   First off, the acting, film editing, music scoring was amazing and I was so caught up in the story an hour wasn’t near long enough. I spent weeks working with these actors and watching the director, producers, and the film and camera crew who committed hours to making this all possible. For me, I had the opportunity to work as a production assistant on Fridays so I was there when several of the scenes were being filmed but seeing the final product was not at all what I had expected. It was better. In fact, I had tears in my eyes. I was happy for everyone, especially Iris Bolling. These books are her babies and as a writer I truly understand what it feels like to hold the final product in your hand. I can only imagine what she was feeling seeing it transpire on the screen right before her eyes.
  The women in the audience were whistling and catcalling as one gorgeous man after another stepped onto the screen. The fans of the series were cheering and excited to see some of their favorite scenes being played out before them. I wasn’t at all surprised while the credits were running, the audience started chanting for more!
   Afterwards it was time for cast and crew photographs and interviews before getting dress for the red carpet after party. The event that was held at the Holiday Inn was lights, camera, Action! Another packed house and plenty of buzz. It was mind-boggling the number of dedicated readers who had traveled from Texas, Minnesota, Chicago, Georgia, the list goes on to be a part of this historic moment. We mingled, laughed, took pictures, ate, drank, and kicked up our heels on the dance floor. And at the end of the night the cast and crew hugged and bid good-bye to each other, The Heart family. It was truly an honor and a blessing to have met and worked with such a talented group of people!  
   I crawled into bed and then spent Sunday grinning at all of the photographs posted on Facebook, and people buzzing about the event. The premiere was truly a success. And I look forward to Season Two.


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