Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh, How Sweet The Sound!

Do you hear the voices inside your head as you read a novel, short story or a novella?
Are the characters vivid in your mind…make you feel some kind of way?
Do they stand out?
From the way the characters are painted in situations, to the settings in the plot that may be unfolding in three ways but you didn’t see it coming?
A backstory in the making with a secondary character that inadvertently blossomed due to a specific measure taken…
If you read enough stories by a particular author, their writing style and “voice” should come to life in your mind. Sometimes it takes more than two books to “hear” it, yet, the more they write, the stronger it becomes.
That’s called growth and experience, Beautiful Ones.
Avid readers can decipher the tone of a well-written story by their favorite authors quicker than most. If the author flexes genres (Romance, Historical, Mystery, etc.) do they hold the same standards of injecting a strong voice into their respective branches?

Start a conversation with a co-worker or friend about these "voices" and see what you learn fro one another. It could be the discovery of a great book to read.
Until next time, keep reading and keep sharing!
Loretta R. Walls

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