Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things that go bump in the night

As I was thinking about my post for this month, I couldn't come up with something interesting to say. When I thought of that, my post came to me: fear. I don't want to talk about general fears like big, hairy spiders. I mean fears of authors.

"Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Bridget?" Yes, authors have fears.We're all insecure. Okay, maybe I shouldn't talk about all authors. I'll say that I have lots of fears.

My first fear: the ideas will stop. I think that's the main one. As authors and readers, we always hear that there are no new storylines. Authors are supposed to create fresh characters, settings, and plots to make their stories seem less cookie cutter. I think how I do it is by punching up the norm. I write interracial romances, and I did it in a time when they were seen as fetish fiction. Then I started writing interracial BDSM romances. So now I pressure myself to take it up another notch, not only to keep it interesting for you readers, but also keep challenging myself as a writer.

My second fear: the readers will stop reading me. I think besides not getting inspired to write new stories, losing readers is right up there as a genuine fear. I love writing to entertain. If I fail to entertain, I fail as an author.

My third fear: I'm misunderstood. This fear goes hand in hand with my second fear. If the point you try to make as an author doesn't get translated, then you run the risk, as an author, on losing readers. No reader wants to read an author who is a one-trick pony, trotting out the same plot with different characters and slightly different settings. Readers want to be pleasantly surprised.

So with all of these fears, how do I get over it? For one, I have to trust my muse. The ideas will come. And if they don't, I scan news stories on the Internet. I pay attention to my dreams. I people watch. That's right. So don't pick your nose in public. Or do it. I'll make a story about it.

Now that I bared all to you, just know that as an author, I'm trying. And as an author, I appreciate every reader. And with that, I have to go and do edits for one of my publishers.

Stay sexy,


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