Friday, September 11, 2015

VIP Reader Goodies: Free Serial Novella Coming Soon

Hey there lovelies!

Today I'm coming to you with an update on the Playing with Bad Boys series I've been working on this year.

First, the bad news: I'm delaying the launch of the series. I'd originally planned to release the first book later this month. The book is completed and beta reader-approved, but I've decided to complete all three books in the series before I release the first one. So the new publication date for Playing It Safe is my birthday, March 1, 2016.

Now for the good news. I couldn't leave you hanging for five months. So I'm writing a prequel novella to the series which will be available as a serial novella, beginning Friday, November 6th. The novella will be delivered each Friday to members of my VIP Reader mailing list for free! So if you're not already part of my VIP Reader family, be sure to put your name on the list here.

The novella will remain available in my VIP Reader Lounge, also launching November 6th, for two weeks after the final installment. Then the book will go on sale on Amazon on Friday, February 12th--Valentine's Day weekend. An appropriate time to launch a book where Valentine's Day plays a major role in getting my characters together.

I'm thrilled about this unexpected story and the opportunity to gift it to my VIP Readers. So excuse me while I break into my happy dance.

I've spent the past two weeks plotting and now writing the story of Hunter & Meredith. Unlike the rest of the series, which takes place in a fictional beach town called Pleasure Cove, this story takes place in London and gives us the backstory for the hero in Playing It Safe, Liam DeSeau. I'm a little in love with Hunter & Merrie's characters and Meredith's wild child cousin, who just might be paying a visit to Pleasure Cove.

Hope you'll join me in the VIP Readers Lounge. Meanwhile, may you have an awesome weekend worthy of your best happy dance.

Coming Soon courtesy of Dennis Skley.

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