Friday, November 9, 2012

And I thank you!

My post last month was a little heavy, talking about my fears. Hey, what can I say? It was October. Halloween. It all goes hand-in-hand. With that said, the next logical choice, since we're now into November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, is to talk about what I'm thankful for as an author.

First and foremost, I'm so, so, so thankful for my readers. I love you all, and I mean as more than just a play cousin. ;) I love when readers write to me about my work, even if it's not so positive. I read every e-mail, messages,Tweets, and posts. I respond to everything I can. It always surprises me that I even have readers. I look at you all like you're celebrities. I think, "Oh my, there's a reader over there. Don't look! Don't look! Ooh, she's coming close to me! Squee! Should I talk to her? No, she'll think I'm a dork." Despite what I write, believe it or not, I am painfully shy. So if you ever come to an in-person event for me, please come up to talk to me.

Second, I'm thankful that I do still have story ideas. Once I get the nugget, the germ of the idea for a story, I run with it. Sometimes the inspiration comes in dreams. Sometimes I get ideas from news stories. This will disappoint my friends and co-workers, I rarely get story ideas from them, well, except for the BDSM group I hang out with, but that's a different story. Now, I will get character looks and names from my friends. :)

I'm thankful that I have an incredible support system at home. I know I practically ignore my poor man when I get into my woman's lair and write with my laptop on my lap in bed. He never complains. He'll just pop his head into the room, give me a kiss and let me do my thing. If I didn't have his love and support, as well as the support from my family and my writer friends like Yvette Hines, Aliyah Burke, Denise Jeffries, Di Topaz and Andrea Jackson.

I'm so thankful to find publishers who aren't afraid to publish my work. Hell, I'm thankful to have publisher to accept my work! Writers get the big rejection letters all the time. So I'm thankful when one finds my work good enough to publish.

Have I thanked you readers? You all are too important not to thank more than once. Thank you for digging my craziness.

Stay sexy,


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