Saturday, March 2, 2013

People Watching 

On Saturday, March 9th we, the Hot M.A.M.A.s will emerge on the good people of Morrisville, NC. If you are the person that sit in the food court of the mall to just watch people this is the place for you. 

The Fly Hat Society Luncheon will be a room filled with women wearing what they consider be the latest, in hats and only the Lord knows what else. That in itself would be enough to give you girlfriend conversation for a while, but we’re not stopping there.

At this luncheon, while you eat, you will be entertained with stories from each of the participating members of Hot MAMA Land. To fully understand what a treat you would be in for, let’s take closer look at few authors that will be there. 

Cheris Hodges, anyone that has ever been in Cheris presence knows she does not have good sense. The woman is hilarious and I don’t think she even knows it. You would never think the sexy, sassy books come from her, but they do.

Altonya Washington, looks sweet and innocent, and she really is. However, hidden beneath is a sense of humor that will keep you in snitches. From her saucy southern accent, to the intelligence, she can keep you in conversations for hours and you will never get tired of hearing her stories. People are still clamoring for The Ramsey, and I think she is about twenty relatives in. 

Loretta R. Walls, the one with the PR person hiding inside. The woman could sell, water to a drowning man. Her mind is always filled with ideas to promote others. Oh, and if you EVER want a history on music, this is the HOT MAMA for you. Her index on the revolution of music is outstanding. She also have an erotic love story or two for you.

Yes, if you are a people watcher, Morrisville, NC is where you want to be on March 9th. I’ve only share a few of the authors that will be in attendance. You will have to come to see the rest. 

What happens at the Luncheon can only be shared with those girlfriends you know can keep a secret. Who knows, next year they may be tempted to join us. 

Until the next time,
Iris Bolling

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