Friday, May 10, 2013

Time: Where Does It All Go?

How does it get away from us so quickly? 
For most of us, our "mobile office" consists of either our cell phones or tablets to check Facebook statuses, tweets or reading the latest blog like this one on a timeline or news feed. Maintaining a structured schedule is not easy when one post turns into a thirty line thread. As an author, you cannot disregard your readers, right? They are the ones we cherish and write for. 

So, with that being said...where does our time go?

Since most of us work full-time jobs, have families to take care of and oh yeah, write stories, we have to be mindful of the time we spend on social media sites. Log off (Yes, as in not seeing it or hearing your phone buzz with a new notification) those sites! Try it for a couple of hours and see how much you can accomplish. In the time you devote to your craft, be it research, writing a steamy scene or a damaging sub-plot, those notifications will pile up and not mean a hill of beans. If you're really needed, those that know you will call or send a text. Complete your goals.

In the end, you'l have made progress and your readers will thank you for it.

Until next time...
Loretta R. Walls
Author of "The Majestic Dynasty" 

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