Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's been hot summer. I mean, HOT!

Allow me to share a few of my hot summer memories.

You get the idea of my definition of HOT? The best part is I never left the comfort of my home. Nope, these hot bodies were sent to me while I had my feet propped  up, a glass of Moscato in hand and a few popsicles when I had the urge to suck something cold and hard. 

Where did they come from? I'm so happy you asked. Members of my Facebook group, The Book Palace, we call them Gems & Gents, would send them by for a brief visit. The Book Palace is where we come together to discuss books, current events and support each other in anyway we can. To take a break from the trials of everyday life, we have an event on the 1st Friday of every month called PAD, Palace After Dark. 

Rules are set aside, a topic is selected and the floor is open. We have guest host to join us and they facilitate the discussion. In June we had Ms. Loretta R. Walls who facilitated  Setting The Mood discussion. We picked up on a few ideas surrounding when, where and how to get ready for that special date night. In July we had Ms. Cheris Hodges, who facilitated the discussion on Toys, Boys, and Toys. Lessons were definitely taught that night. I'm still waiting for my supply of toys to come in.

If you find yourself sitting home one Friday night, stop by The Book Palace. Be sure to bring your favorite cold beverage and a comfortable chair. Some of these conversations are go into the next day. 

Next up, at The Palace, Kianna Alexander. Her topic? Keeping Your Sexy Alive- When Life Interferes.

Come visit The Palace After Dark, where the grown and sexy meet the uninhibited.

Until the next time,
August 20, 2013




  1. Along with the hot bodies the discusses are hot and informative.

  2. Love the conversations and how to educate in PAD but brotha in the green, white and orange shorts...woo!