Friday, September 19, 2014

The Little Story That Could

Hi my sexy babies!

As I prepare for my very first interracial romance cruise on Princess Cruises while I promote my latest re-re-release, Last Call, I was thinking about that book. And, no, I didn't mistype back there. Last Call is my little story that could. It was originally released in a three-author anthology called Reignited along with authors Yvette Hines and Aliyah Burke through Whispers Publishing. When that publisher folded, I knew I wanted to expand the story from the 20,000+ novella to a full-length novel. So when I was asked to join the Scandalous Heroes box set, I found the perfect venue to expand the story and put it back out there.

The box set was only set to be on sale for only 2 months. So before it came down in September, I decided to expand it once again for when it was set to be released again, this time through Phaze Books. I had always had it in my mind that I was going to add at least 5 chapters, which seems crazy to do when I had already added over 30,000 words to the story when it was in the box set. As I was expanding it, little by little, I found that I was making my challenging goal of 5 extra chapters! Now it's on sale in ebook and print at Phaze Books, and it's available in Nook form at Soon it'll be available at Amazon and Books-A-Million!

More exciting news that that: have you all heard about the newest Hot M.A.M.A. to join the set? Keep a look out for the announcement coming soon.

I hate to chat and run, but I have to get going.

Stay sexy,


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