Friday, October 3, 2014

She's the newest HOT M.A.M.A . . .she is . . .

So, you've heard the rumors, there's a new M.A.M.A. in the land. But who is she? (In my Isley Brothers voice)

Well, she is the outstanding, amazing and delightful Reese Ryan.

Reese is one of those people who is a great writer and good person. No matter when you see this natural beauty, she has a smile on her face and unlike me, she doesn't have a resting bitch face!

Novelist, freelance journalist, and hopeless romantic, Reese Ryan, writes sexy, contemporary fiction filled with colorful characters and sinfully-sweet romance. She secretly enjoys torturing her heroines with family and career drama, reformed bad boys, revealed secrets, and the occasional identity crisis, but always rewards them with a happily ever after.
Born and raised in the Midwest, she now resides in Central North Carolina. A self-proclaimed Bohemian Southern Belle, she treads the line carefully between being a Northerner and a damned Yankee, despite her insistence on calling soda pop. She gauges her progress by the number of “bless your lil’ hearts” she receives each week. She is currently down to two.
Reese is an avid reader with a to-be-read stack that resembles a small skyscraper, a serious thing for brilliant singer/songwriters, and an incurable addiction to musical soundtracks and film scores.
Visit her online at Follow her on Twitter @ReeseRyanWrites. Connect with her on Facebook or Goodreads. Get a peek behind the scenes into her character inspiration boards and story soundtracks on Pinterest.

Let's welcome Reese to the Hot M.A.M.A. sisterhood and be sure to check out her Bad Boys Gone Good series.


  1. Congratulations, Reese!!

    Sheryl Lister

  2. Thank you Sheryl and Piper! And thank you for the lovely intro, Cheris. Loved it! You rock, lady. :-)