Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas is Coming Around

Readers have been asking, Angie what can we expect from you this year for Christmas? As most of you know, every year I have my 12 days of Christmas countdown and each day I do a giveaway to my readers. Last year’s big  prize was a Kindle Fire. I haven’t quite decided what I plan to do to top that this year.
You’re also releasing a book, right?
Yes! It’s not Christmas without a holiday story. Book two of the Sexy Simmons series, Claiming What’s Mine, is scheduled for a Christmas Eve release. Yaaay!
I’ve been burning up the midnight oil to release this book on time, however, the problem I’ve been having is the cover. I can’t seem to decide what I want to see on the front. A Christmas scene? A sexy couple? I think my graphic designer is ready to quit because I have looked at over a dozen cover concepts and yet nothing screams Darnell Simmons to me. LOL. I want something that brings in the holidays and creates Christmas anticipation, and nothing is talking to me yet. I’m starting to think that maybe I am overthinking the whole thing and instead, I need to focus on what I enjoy most. Bringing back the families my readers have grown to love.


  1. Covers are important, so I can understand why you need one to feel right. Wishing you much success in your search!

  2. By all means, keep at it until the cover is just right. Covers can make or break a book...but I know the story will be top quality :)

  3. When are we gonna hear more from the Beaumonts?

  4. I'm sure that whatever cover you choose will be as awesome as your new book. Can't wait to read.