Friday, November 14, 2014

Changes, Holidays & The Spirit of Giving...

Who in the world came up with the changing of time? Am I the only one out of sorts due to Daylight Savings Time? Losing an hour out of my world has put one heck of a spin on what I do and how much I'm doing. Am I alone in this mode or just another of many trying to work it out?

Now that Halloween has breezed by and Thanksgiving is on the cusp of arrival (although Christmas has taken a front seat since November 1) what are you planning? Will there be a big family gathering or just the immediate crew of loved ones this year? Black Friday seems to be the latest buzz for the best sales but is it really? That's another subject for another time.

Let's get to the real deal of this last quarter of 2014:  The Spirit of Giving. You have many organizations in need, from churches to the Salvation Army that request the need of giving. Do you take time out of your busy world to contribute to the well-being of others? Something as simple as cleaning out your closet and giving your clothes to the homeless can be an enlightening experience. Spending time at a homeless shelter, reading to children that aren't doing well, adopting an angel or mentoring a child that may not have the best guidance can be rewarding in itself.

It's important to do well, but essential to give back also.

Now that I've purged my knowledge upon you, mark your calendar today to join the HOT MAMA'S online for the Hot Holiday Giveways! Please click on the link below to join us:

Stay warm and stay lost in a book! --Loretta


  1. Hey Loretta! The time change doesn't bother me so much, but I do agree that giving back is essential. My husband and I love adopting a family for either Thanksgiving or Christmas and providing a food basket or a couple of gifts for the kids. Many times I like to make the 'Season of Giving' all year :)!

    Sheryl Lister