Friday, May 22, 2015

A Royal Affair

Cheris Hodges is right.


There is the Fly Hat Society Meet and Greet, with the ladies of Hot MAMA Land. 

Then A.C. is bringing the Donovan's to you at her Beach Bash.

                Kicking it all off in June is A Royal Affair. 

The readers and members of Palace After Dark will converge on Richmond, VA like never before. We are taking over the weekend of June 26th, and 27th
The weekend will start with Belly Dancing Lessons with a contest to follow. There is no shame in our game. Everyone is going to learn how to move those hips to entice. 

That same night we are having Palace After Dark Live
If you have ever hosted or joined one of our discussions you know things we never discuss with mother comes out. Imagine it live with Mark Vincent, who portrays the character James Brooks in The Heart Series. 

The night will end with the Male Auction hosted by Troy Michel, who portrays the character Ashley Harrison in The Heart Series. 
That's right, it's going to be raining men. 
Attendee's will participate in a live auction to win their escort for Saturday events, which I will tell you about in a minute. 

The important aspect of this event is ALL PROCEEDS will go to the building fund of 
The Black History Museum, here in Richmond. 
We want to give something back to the community. Our history is a good place to start. 

The weekend does not in there. Saturday, we will have a breakfast talk on all things Iris. 
They have me on the hot seat. 
But I have something in store for the readers. They will never see it coming. 

After breakfast we will load up for the Trolley Tour of Richmond, VA
That's right I get to show off the city MY way. (sniggering)
There is nooooooo telling where we might end up. 

To end the weekend, we are having a Mascaraed Ball
We are giving you a reason to dress up and out. Who will have the most outrageous outfit? 
Who will have the sexiest outfit? 
Who will be escorted by the men from the action. 
It's going to be on and poppin in Richmond, VA 

You can still attend the Mascaraed Ball. 
Tickets are on sale at: A Royal Affair Mascaraed Ball

This Summer is going to be HOT! HOT! HOT! 

A Royal Affair
Fly Hat Society Meet and Greet
A.C.'s Beach Bash. 

Get Your Summer On! 

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