Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summertime Serenity...

Good day, readers of the Hot M.A.M.A world! Summer has officially arrived! The kids are out of school, ready to play and driving most of us crazy to go somewhere and have fun!

One of the most sought out places to visit is a beach of some sort.

Even with the recent shark attacks upon East Coast shores surfacing almost daily, it's not deterring visitors from enjoying their place of serenity. No one is cancelling their trips due to the nature that has found its way closer to our shores--and that's a good thing! We simply have to respect their way of life and be mindful of our surroundings.

On to the good stuff...what to bring to the beach! Sunscreen is a must in this day and age for everyone. You may think you won't burn, but the sun will prove otherwise. If you're on any type of medicine, a hat, umbrella or cabana for shade will be helpful as well. First aid kit, keep a mini one in your beach bag. Hydrate! Drink water while out and about but wait an hour before getting into water if you've eaten.

The most crucial item one must have is something to read! Yes, this is the perfect environment to take in the surf, sounds, warm sand and get completely lost in a book! Relaxation is premier when spending time at the beach. Besides, you've earned it! Here are a few suggestions to carry along in paperback and save your electronics for later.

Now, what are you doing Saturday, July, 11, 2015 from 2-6pm? Come on out and meet all of the HOT M.A.M.A.'s at the #FLYHATLUNCHEON which is free! We'll be at the Greensboro Public Library, 219 North Church Street. We're going to have an amazing time! Join us!

Time for me to run but until next time, rule your day! -- Loretta R. Walls/Embue  #nucherte

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