Friday, August 14, 2015

I'm late and I blame Bridget Midway!

Let me fan girl for a moment.

Bridget Midway is awesome. Just freaking amazing with the pen and telling BDSM stories that can't be classified as "Mommy Porn."

Take Slave To Love, which I have been reading non-stop. I let things let deadlines pass. Sorry for the late post, but reading about Taren and Jace transported me to another world.

Bridget called Jace her onion and when you read this book, you will understand why. Now, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't read Love My Way  first. I re-read it before diving into Slave To Love. 

I was so into these books that I forgot Preseason Football had started. And if you know me, you know that is some big time ish!

Here's what I learned as a writer reading Bridget's books, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.
I also learned, when life gives you 50 Shades, become a shade tree. Oh, Bridget did that without being mean or nasty. I wish she'd teach me that.

And now I want a whip! Not just because I'm going to be Catwoman for Halloween and the new Heroes-Con in Charlotte, but because I think there is a Domme in me. (Does that really surprise anyone?)

But, umm, Bridget, my book is not signed! LOL!

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  1. Ms. Cheris, first of all, thanks so much for the shout out. That was awesome (and hilarious). And the next time I see you, I will definitely sign the book. :)