Monday, September 17, 2012

The Mind Wants What the Mind Wants

Readers email me all the time asking, “Angie, when are you going to release the next book to the series.” To be honest, I never know quite how to answer because I really don’t have much control over what I write next. I’m serious. My characters speak to me.

I can sit down to the computer all set to write one story and before I know it the book has gone in a totally different direction. It’s like my fingers are possessed or something. Sometimes I even hear those characters in my head, talking to me. I guess that’s okay. Until I start talking back then that’s when we have a problem. LOL

Okay… so check this out.

Remember the little boy who whispered, “I see dead people.” Well, I’m one of the ones who would have never thought he was crazy because “I hear head people.”

Now if I say that too loud someone might try to admit me to the psychiatric ward where they would heavily medicate me and kill all my creative juices and Angie ain’t having that. Instead, I actually consider my “head case” my “thought process.” I wake up every morning meditating and outlining what I plan to write about. Each scene has to have a purpose and then I need to figure out a way to connect the dots.

And that’s where those crazy voices come in.

You would think we were at a Presidential debate the way my characters and I go back in forth with plots until finally a light goes off and we share an aaah-haaa moment.

It may sound crazy but it’s the way this author operates. It’s not so bad. At least I 'll always have a writing partner.

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  1. Woo, and I thought I was alone out here with the hearing of glad I'm not! Actually, that's been happening more often than not with the characters I'm writing about now. You have a friend in the 'voices category' Angie!