Friday, September 27, 2013


Ladies, are you looking for a way to get your man’s attention while the game is on? I’m going to suggest you offer another sport that is just as invigorating as football.

There are no rules and the score depends on him. Here are the instructions. Make sure your man is nice and comfy, lying in the bed with the remote in one hand and nice cold beer in the other.

Put on his favorite team jersey–nothing underneath (very important). Place a chair next to the bed, the straddle it. Pull out, The Heart. Turn to page 248. Began reading at, “You like hard things between your legs, don’t you”

Continue reading as long as you allow your hands to demonstrate the words. The moment you feel your man’s eyes on you, increase the speed of your reading, for you now has his undivided attention. Be forewarned, at this point, he is about to make a move, so prepare yourself.

When he asks, (and he will ask), “Baby, what are you doing?” Don’t look up! Simply reply, “I’m reading you a bedtime story.” Continue reading as if he never said a word. Now…..wait for it…… When he grabs you and throws you on the bed, drop the book, put your hands up in the air and yell, “TOUCHDOWN!” 

It's football season. There is just something about the contact sports that takes our men minds away. Don't try to fight it. Accept it. Create a contact game that both of you can play. 

After the Superbowl has been played, prepare yourself for The Heart TV Series. 

Enjoy the night! You’ve just become a part of a Iris Bolling love scene. Just sharing!

Until the next time,

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