Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Gosh! I say that ALL the time, but I really do! Well it’s obvious that an author should love his or her readers. After all, they support your work by spending their time and money on it so…heck yeah, they are deserving of all the love. For an author though, I like to think that the love for ones readers goes beyond that.

MY READERS? They push me so much that it’s unreal. I sometimes talk about how I can release a story and within two days (sometimes less) of that story releasing, I’ve got upwards of 10 or more people asking when the next book is coming out. Seriously? Yes and I love it! Such a demand has been such a motivator for me but it can cause issues. For instance, right now I’m on deadline for my traditional publisher, I have a swarm of readers who have patiently waited for a title much longer than they should have- “Layers” folk, my apologies on how long this book has taken to get to you and then there’s a YA Fantasy title that my agent has expressed interest in and one that I had such an awesome time drafting, but have yet to complete the final version…

Some might say that this all sounds like a tremendous headache, but for an author with a passion (and obsession) for writing, it’s a dream. For an author with a love for his/her readers, all that pushing can, and I think should, be viewed as a motivator. If no one was asking, I’d still be creating my stories. That is, after all, why I started writing in the first place. I couldn’t find the stories I wanted to read on the market, so I decided to write my own. I’ll be doing that long after I stop releasing stories, I suppose, but having a group to share with and glean responses from makes writing all the more enjoyable.

I struggled a lot with what I’d write about for this blog. I’ve been pretty busy and didn’t have time to prepare a post until a few short moments ago after reading a few posts from members of my webgroup. It’s appropriate to say that I owe this post to my readers, but that’s no surprise.

Thanks Guys.


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