Friday, November 1, 2013

The Story behind Love After War

The story behind Love After War. . . .

Most of my brilliant ideas start at a corner table in Starbucks. While sipping on a grande Italian Roast, I thought what would happen if the lights went out and I was stuck in here with the last person I wanted to see. Suppose it was an old rival from high school. Would I toss my coffee in her face? Heck no! Cheris Hodges does not waste coffee!

High school rivalries are old hat, I told myself as I took a sip. What if I was trapped in Starbucks with an ex? I took to my iPad and started sketching ideas. The first thing I thought was, let's move this story to Los Angeles. California is known for rolling brown outs and Starbucks. I had to remove myself from this story because I write romance, not revenge killing tomes.

A character from Too Hot For TV popped into my mind, Dana, Imani's photographer best friend. Fitting because one of my best friends is a photographer. And when I found out that Dana didn't have a last name -- I gave her my home girl's surname. Dana was talking to me, telling me that if I wrote about her, she'd better be kick ass and ride a motorcycle. She even has me wanting to get a Fat Bob now. My father does not approve.
The scene with Dana and her ex came together so quickly, that I couldn't wait to see how this love story would play out. I just needed to know what her man's name was.
Adrian. Adrian Bryant.

So, what's his story? Glad you asked. Adrian needed a damned good reason to let a woman like Dana go. On my third-- maybe 23rd -- refill, another idea jolted me into action.
War! War! War. Not the violent kind of war that requires an Army, but something deeper. As the auntie of three big boys, I know one thing for sure: You don't mess with Mom!

Well, somebody messed with Adrian's mom and he's out for revenge. It's war! But can Dana's love change him?

Find out on November 4th in Love After War!

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