Monday, October 28, 2013

If you love authors, why are you stealing from us?!

I don't mean to be the Metalica of the ebook world, but stop stealing my words! Stop stealing Beverly Jenkins's words. Just stop stealing.

You want to support your favorite author? Then avoid piracy sites. Whether your favorite author is with a major house or self published, he or she took months to write that book. Spent hundreds of dollars on covers, promotions, web sites and giveaways, then you go to a site just to get books for free?

That sucks. That's why so many of your favorite writers have to have day jobs. That shit isn't cool! Can I come to your job and get some of your things for free?

Nine times out of 10, authors do give away free books. We want you to discover our work and tell other people about it. But, authors got to eat, got to buy health insurance and pay for editors.

Oh, avid reader, you know how you feel when you pick up a book and it isn't properly edited. It makes your brain throb and it makes your toes curl for all the wrong reasons. When you visit these pirate sites to read books for free, YOU ARE THE REASON WHY WE CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY LEGIT EDITORS!

Beverly Jenkins said it best on Facebook:

We work too hard to be dissed this way - so for them and the people who patronize them - I curse thee. Hope they'll enjoy waking up in the morning with the head of a goat.
I'm Cheris Hodges and I approve this message! 

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