Friday, October 4, 2013

The Dirty Girl Mud Run- Say What?

So this weekend I’ll be taking part in the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Yes, yes I know I was like “What?!!!” when I heard about it. First the name caught me totally off guard, then it got me curious and then I agreed that the name was quite fitting. Anyway, this Saturday hundreds, maybe thousands of women will converge for a day of running an obstacle course that won’t test the limits of endurance so much as it will courage and determination. Basically the “Run” will actually consist of running, walking, climbing, splashing, bouncing and crawling- yes crawling. Ha! Now, of course, you may be asking what in the world am I thinking. Trust me, I've asked myself; and the girlfriends that talked me into doing this, that very question.

In the end though, the proceeds go towards supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and I am so very thrilled to be taking part in something for such a cause. Checks can always be written and will continue to be. My hope is that by putting myself through this obstacle course, the importance of the cause will be forged by a connection in my mind brought on by the exertion it will take to do more than simply write a check.

While I AM looking forward to a long shower to wash off all the grime; followed by a long soak to soothe the muscles that will soon be screaming my name, I am very much looking forward to stepping outside my comfort zone and doing something I’ve never tried.

To learn more about The Dirty Girl Mud Run and to find out when it may be coming to your area, visit the website:

Wish Me Luck!!!


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