Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pop Culture Foolery: Miley Cyrus and Sex Over 40

Hey, Y'all,
You know, I try to ignore most of the foolishness that goes on with celebrities. Divorce drama, he-said, she-said, rap beefs, whatever. But this thing was just to much for me to ignore. Writers are naturally prone to observation, and I just had to say something on this matter.

Now, I held my tongue when I saw the clip of Miley Cyrus grinding on Robin Thicke, a married man twice her age. (BTW, did anybody else notice how much he looked like Beetlejuice in that suit? Geesh. Somebody let him out the house looking like that.) As two adults, I think they should take equal blame- this isn't a slut shaming post, or a post about male chauvinism. Both of them should know better.
I held my tongue again when I saw a short clip of her "Wrecking Ball" video, with her half naked straddling the titular large, round metal object. I didn't put that mess on blast on Facebook,  I only shook my head. But I did arrive at the conclusion that the child is very, very desperate for attention. Don't worry, no pics of that- I don't want to upset y'all. :)

But when I heard she was on the Today show yesterday, telling Matt Lauer that people over forty aren't sexual- that did it for me. I'm not at the age yet- but I will be in less than a decade. And even though we're all smoking hot and you probably can't tell, some of the MAMA's have already passed the age of 40. But what in the entire hell does a girl her age know about people over 40 on the whole? I mean she's so young, she really doesn't seem to know her own mind yet.

Anyway, I want to hear from you on this. What do you think? Is Miss Miley right in thinking that reaching the age of forty means a death of all things sexual? Let me know in the comment box, and I'll enter you for a chance to win my upcoming erotic holiday short, Seducing Sheri.

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  1. Of course she is crazy as hell to say some foolishness like that but IMO I think it's all for show. She is an attention seeker!! We all know the Robin Thick thing would only last for so many days so she had to throw something more out thet to keep TMZ,ET and all the other shows talking... For the record I will be 40 next year and I am still sexy and hott and my hubby of 13yrs is proof of that!!!

  2. Well my grandma always said youth is a must to go through life and the stupidity stage of "I know what I'm talking about" until you actually experience it and realized you knew nothing at all. In this case I think her example of her parents mislead her conception of what life over 40 really is. Just my opinion.

  3. I turned 40 this year and by no means has the sexual factor fallen off. Miley is young and impressionable by the circle she associates in. It's obvious that she has no clue what real love is by a man and to think sex is the end all to be all. The media enjoys this type of foolery and she is the current course of choice. Sweetie, keep on living and learning. You'll find out soon enough.