Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Wow- I'm incredibly late with my post for this week. I believe it was due on Monday, so apologies to my fellow Hot MAMAs. In my defense, the time off for the holidays was extremely beneficial, but I definitely got a little lazy. I got tons of work done, but I'm most amazed and happy over the amount of time I took AWAY from work. I've been looking forward to the time off for most of the year- sad, huh? That I have to wait until year's end for a break, but it is what it is...of course I most often look forward to the time off because it's a chance to do more of what I love which is writing. This year however, I really wanted to take time just to be lazy and enjoy the hard work I do for most of the year.

Never taking time out to enjoy the fruits of your labor, will quickly drain you. If anyone is looking for advice in the New Year, I'd have to say that's it. Take time out for yourself-essential stuff.

Happy New Year Everyone- Hope Your 2014 Is A Great One!


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