Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Heart Journey Begins!

What’s up for 2014? THE HEART TV SERIES!

That’s right. We have taken the story from the pages of a book to live characters appearing on your television screen February 2014. Am I excited????? You have no idea how exciting this entire journey has been. We have the opportunity to see literature come to life, have positive characters portrayed and if that wasn't enough, we've added some serious eye candy for you. 

Here’s a few reason why you should be excited. 

Here are more reasons:

Aaron Wiggins as JD Harrison

Richard Jackson as Brian Thompson

Mark Vincent as James Brooks 

Tremayne Norris as David Holt 

 Morgan Avery McCoy as Tracy Washington 

Troy Micel as Ashley Harrison

 Is that our own Hot Mama Angie Daniels? Yes, Angie Daniels as Lena Washington 

 Join us beginning February 15, 2014 on the CW-Richmond as this talent cast bring the lives of JD Harrison and Tracy Washington to life.

Want to be a part of the journey from the beginning, join us at the premier...check it out.

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  1. I am so excited about the debut!!! I sure hope everyone has read the book as well. This is a treat beyond measure! #thehearttvseries