Monday, June 16, 2014

Rumor Has It: Coming May 2015

Next summer, I'm starting rumors. Yep. And if I don't get my manuscript finished by July 1, I'm going to be in so much trouble.
But here's the cover copy from my 2015 Dafina release.

She’s got something to talk about…



Liza Palmer couldn’t be happier when her best friend and sorority sister, Chante Britt, and her closest guy friend, Robert Montgomery, hit it off. And she’s beyond thrilled when they announce their engagement. Robert is an up-and-comer running for the North Carolina senate. Chante is a partner at a prestigious law firm. They’re a power couple made in heaven—until Liza discovers Robert in a compromising position—with another woman…

Liza can’t possibly continue to support Robert’s campaign, much less let him marry Chante. But when she tries to reveal the truth, Robert pulls out every corrupt trick in the book—including turning Chante against her. Her only choice is to seek out his opponent, Jackson Franklin, and help him take Robert down. But to Liza’s great surprise, Jackson won’t play dirty—and Liza finds him irresistible. As sparks fly, personally and politically, Liza and Jackson may become a winning team in more ways than one…

Coming May, 2015. 

Guess I need to get to writing. 

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