Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Reading: What's Hot!

The snow has been making it impossible for many to get around in the Northeast corridor. As for those of us in the Mid-Atlantic and lower Southern regions, we're now just experiencing the first real bite of winter and all it contains.

Snow, school closings, shoveling and getting that manual exercise we all despise.
Well, most of us...some have those high powered snow blowers and just get the job done.

Now, as for the books being released during this cold snap, that's something to talk about!

One of the hottest authors penning serial stories is Angelia Vernon Menchan. Known for writing stories based around grown folks love, issues, drama and lessons, Menchan delivers it with her voice in style all her own. If you haven't picked up a book by her, you're truly missing out on a good thing!

Another author making noise is the talented Nia Forrester. To know a series is to embrace the characters within; Forrester has her hand on the pulse of this forte.

To round up the spotlight on talent is Nikki Walker. Outside of her wonderful promotional support group on Facebook, Walker pens series that have readers wanting more! Do check her out.

In closing, yours truly has been hard at work as Embue to ready the world for its first full-length, stand alone novel. As much as my loyal readers loved the "No Other Love" series, I wanted to venture out to other places and tap into different things. I'm confident the bike world will do that in my forthcoming offering, "4.0 Club." Book cover credit goes to the ever-talented, Tanisha Y. Pettiford, also known in the book world as Kreative Solutions by Mahogani. I cannot wait to hold the final product in my hands soon!

Here's the synopsis for your enjoyment:

Jean Lee.   Kelsey Hewlett.    Bridget Fortune.
Three talented ladies in their own right, they’re done raising children. Empty nest syndrome has set in and it’s high time they start living for themselves.

An invitation to a party hosted by a mutual friend lures them into a world none of them ever fathomed:  the motorcycle life.
Curious, yet cautious, the ladies take a chance to see what life is like on the wild side…

Everything isn’t all that it seems in the bike world – from mottos, money and men, limits are never an option.
Can Jean, Kelsey and Bridget navigate their way around in this new world, or will they break all the rules instead?

Until next time, Beautiful Ones...RULE YOUR DAY!

Loretta R. Walls

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