Thursday, December 20, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

Christmas to me is all about family. Catching up. Spending time together... sitting around... talking, that's what I look forward to most. This is the time of the year when I reach out and touch someone across the phone lines that I haven’t spoken to in forever.
I absolutely love the holiday season. Decorating the house, making a big dinner and inviting the family over for dinner. Those things mean more to me than all of the gifts in the world. Not that I don’t like getting them. In fact I am hoping someone buys me that Pandora bracelet I’ve been talking about all year [hint, hint].
Last year I finally tossed out the artificial tree that I’ve had for years. My kids were sick of looking at that pitiful thing. Instead, the day after Thanksgiving we went out and bought a beautiful fresh cut tree and together we decorated it with all these ornaments I got at Cracker Barrel last year after the holiday for 75% off. Then it was time to pull out the Christmas music, which everyone in the house is forced to listen to until the holiday season is over. LOL.
This month, during all of the shopping and holiday excitement I released, A Beau for Christmas. I was in one of my write-a-book-in-thirty-days mode and put my foot on the gas. I am pleased to have released the book earlier than expected. In addition, I also re-released A Delight for Christmas, which I hope will always be a holiday favorite. This has been an amazing year with plenty of surprises and I end the year reflecting on what I’ve accomplished and contemplating where I grow from here.
In 2013, I plan to come out the gate with my fingers blazing across that keyboard FULL SPEED AHEAD.  Happy Holidays!

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