Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Magic of the Season

This is the time of the year when people give a little more, smile a little more and love a little more. It’s the reason why 690,000 Americans are conceived during the Christmas holiday season. It’s that time of the year when people give love and receive love with open arms. 

You can feel the magic in the air during this time of the year. From Thanksgiving thru New Years there is a touch of human kindness that settle in each of us. We are happy to see those relatives that we hide from during most of the year. Yet, during the holidays, they are the very ones that give you memories that you will share at the next holiday dinner. 

We smile and accept gifts we know we will never use or wear. The one thing you ask for, leave hints for, pictures on the refrigerator with locations and prices, you still don’t receive. But, you smile and are thankful for what you do because we understand, it’s not about the gift but the thought behind the giving. 

Sitting at the dinner table we eat, no, stuff ourselves knowing we are going to pay the price when we step on the scales next week in the name of New Year Resolutions. Or some of us have a little to much to drink and have to stay the night for safety reasons. Oh, and the person who’s home we invade during the holidays, have to put up with family a night longer than planned. 

All of this is a part of the holiday season and we love it. As much as we complain, overspend and over eat, we love the feeling that the holidays bring. We love more, laugh more, and give more. It’s the spirit of love. 

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Happy Holidays  

Iris B.

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