Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year- A New Outlook

Hey, Y'all,
It's that time of year. Some of us make resolutions or proclamations about what we're going to change, while others simply think of it as another year of the same. We take down our holiday decorations, and may feel a bit melancholy as we look forward to at least eight more weeks of winter- cold temps and possibly, frozen precipitation. For me, it's back to the grind after almost two weeks off. No more sleeping in and leisurely thinking about my work in progress- it's back to getting my son up at oh-dark-thirty for the school bus, packing lunches, picking out clothes, playdates with my nearly three year old, and juggling the family's crazy hectic schedule of therapy appointments, school events, and military happenings.
PHEW! Just typing all that made me tired. But alas, this is my life- a life I love some days and grow weary of on others.
Still, I see the New Year as a wonderful gift. It's a chance to begin again, to analyze what we did last year and think of ways to improve. I'm all about going after my dreams, which is why I have two submissions out to publishing houses right now. (Fingers crossed!) I plan three self published releases this year: Midnight's Serenade, a paranormal under my Alexandra Kane name, in the spring- Loving the Lawman, a sweet historical under my Kianna name in the summer, and Christmas in Climax Creek, a short story near the end of fall that starts a whole new series. Should I get a contract offer I may have to amend my schedule, but I would be totally okay with that.

I'm also looking forward to the very first Hot MAMA Land event, the Fly Hat Society Luncheon, coming March 9, 2013. Mark your calendars, because this event is going to be awesome! It's your chance to mingle, enjoy a lovely catered buffet, and find out what's coming next from your favorite authors. Tickets go on sale January 15th and are VERY LIMITED (only 31 available), so don't sleep on this one!
In the spring, I'll also be attending the Romance Slam Jam conference in Milwaukee, and that's always a good time, so I'm really looking forward to it.
I'm not much for resolutions, but I have made a decision to try to be more positive this year. The change in my outlook will have a trickle down effect on my entire household, because if MAMA ain't happy, noboby's happy. ;) So, I'm working on looking at the bright side of things. I can be a bit brooding sometimes-you know, the tortured artist thing- so I am doing my best to keep a happy outlook.
What does the new year hold for you? Leave your 2013 adventures in the comments, if you're so inclined.

Until Next Time,

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