Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Laissez les bons temp rouler

The only thing I love more than writing is football. In a past life, I'm sure that I was a smack talking cornerback for my beloved Dallas Cowboys.

OK, that's a little much. But I have fallen in love with a young quarterback -- named Colin Kaepernick.
And Colin is going to the Super Bowl in my favorite city, New Orleans. I'm so ready to party, even if I'll be in North Carolina watching his every snap. Colin's story is ripe for a romance (novel).
He was adopted, not given much of a chance to be a football player, was named the starter over a veteran QB who was kind of successful and broke up (allegedly) with his girlfriend.

What if he wins the Super Bowl and the golddiggers come out? Will he regret letting his girlfriend go? Will she want him back? I guess this is a story I'm going to have to write. And I have many excuses to ogle Colin --I. Love. My. Job.

There are other good times gearing up this year and one will bring you face to face with the ladies of Hot M.A.M.A Land.

Here's what author Angie Daniels says about the Fly Hat Society Luncheon, going down this March:
Growing up I sometimes attended church with my grandmother. On Sunday mornings all the women strutted into the building styling and profiling. The one thing I admired most were the hats, especially my grandmother's. She had a hat to match just about every outfit she owned, and on Easter, oh my! Her hats were amazing. I had never felt bold enough to sport a hat because back then I thought it was something that only the old folks did.
My grandmother passed away several years ago and one of the few things of hers that I wanted was her hats. I didn’t want to be greedy so I picked out four of my favorites and put them away in a box with the plan to someday wear them.

On March 9th the authors of Hot M.A.M.A are putting on a  Fly Hat Society Luncheon in North Carolina, which will include authors such as me, Altonya Washington, Iris Bolling, Bridget Midway, just to name a few. It’s going to be an afternoon to remember! So grab a ticket and come on and enjoy the festivities.
Be sure to get your tickets now, seating is limited and there's no party like a Hot M.A.M.A party! So, as my inner Creole cries out:  Laissez les bons temp rouler! (And yes, my inner Creole is just as imaginary as my relationship with Colin. :) )

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  1. Cheris, New Orleans is my second home! I grew up going to visit family, then attended college and stayed for a while so I am so ready to go back and party. This post makes me want to go today! LOL!

    I'll be there in March for regional conference, hence the reason I don't think I can come and display my fly hat. But maybe something will happen in the next few days and I can schedule more time off.

    Have fun!