Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rules: Meant To Be Followed Or Broken?

Rules are meant put in place to be followed, right? Of course! What happens when things are out of balance and they need to be changed? Who makes that decision? You? Why not!

In the world of Emma award winner Iris Bolling, she's all about changing the rules in the literary industry-- and we love it! Her forthcoming release, "The Pendleton Rule" will provide a riveting read, proving once more why she has been on the radar of many readers.

Also, if you haven't met Iris or any of the HOT M.A.M.A.'s, here's an opportunity to do so. On March 9, 2013, we'll be in North Carolina for the Fly Hat Society Luncheon. (See details on the site, tickets are limited.)

We hope to see you there along with some of the finest hats around!

Remember, in HOT M.A.M.A. Land, we always have the means to break the rules!

Loretta R. Walls aka Embue

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