Friday, February 1, 2013

Being over whelmed with life... priceless

I used to wonder and complain when my life got too hectic, when the plate was over flowing with things to do and everything was out of wack. Now I think I thrive on it and miss it when it's not there because when it's not there, I'm confused. Don't we all miss the mayhem? Life has so many curves and dips and exciting things in it, its a wonder how we get it all done. Between the full time jobs out side of the home, the writing job and keeping that alive and all of the other snippets of life it's a wonder we are not all crazy. Sometimes I know I am. Take for instance, just recently I pushed and pulled until the third book to my St. Agnes series was released and it finally hit the E-book market a week ago with a bang. Everyone who has visited my little town of St. Agnes has loved it. And if you haven't been with me out to the Eastern Shore of Virginia you better hurry up, you are three books behind. But don't worry, it's easy to catch up. This book tells the story of Marcus Reed, St. Agnes' newspaper publisher and free lance editor. You don’t have to hide in the dark if you’re already lost. Always ready to write that breakout article, journalist, Marcus Reed stopped at nothing to ‘get it done’… until now. Now, he’s awake and running for his life. Having awakened in a strange city, covered in dirt, grime and blood, not his own, the only thing he can do is seek help from the most unlikely source. The last thing Natalia Lucas needed was for this strange man to wander into her police precinct. Nonetheless, there’s something about him that has piqued her interest. His eyes tell her there’s more beyond the dirt and confusion… the amnesia, especially since he’s supposed to be dead, having been killed two weeks prior when his car blew up. Having vowed to help, they set out on a trek of constant danger. Natalia has secrets of her own and she does not want them uncovered. That fear alone could destroy the woman she’s worked so hard to become. When it’s discovered Marcus is still alive, whoever killed him will do anything to complete the task even if it means killing them both. Knowing breaking this case could put her on the map, she’s determined to put light where there was darkness. Book four is not far behind and will take us back to the worlds all time favorite couple, Dominique and Jericho. Everyone loves a good stalker... right. I'm also working on the book that surfaced when I was in New Orleans this past August. It's going to be hot, and sultry in the Big Easy heat and suspenseful. Sorry, it doesn't have a name yet. My bad. And then there's the Fly Hat Society Luncheon coming up with the Hot Southern Writers. Man oh man, I haven't worn a 'hat' in like forever, cause I'm sure the safara hat or base ball cap I have definitely don't count. Does anyone have a fly hat. And I'm pretty sure if I need a fly hat I certainly will need a fly outfit to go with it. You see, I'm still adding things to my plate. Life. What's a girl gonna do? Write about it, I guess. Keeping it real and keep it moving. Peace.


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  2. Denise.. i am gonna find you another "Fly" hat :-)
    Love the article

  3. OMG! This book looks awesome Denise Jam soo getting this book.